Go ahead Lefties, tell us more about how you’re NOT trying to incite violence against the Right.

No seriously, we totally believe you.


We imagine Stu (another of the blue check dbag crew) thinks this cartoon is somehow meaningful and funny … even after a Republican was almost killed last week based on rhetoric that wasn’t even quite this vile.

It’s to a point where we’re not sure the Left is capable of being civil with anyone who dares disagree with them; this violent rhetoric is truly scary.

Nice try but no …


WHY do they insist on pushing a lie? Do they not understand that insurance isn’t being stripped from ANYONE? That all they want to do is stop forcing people to buy things or face punishment via tax from the gov?

This level of ignorance and hatred is deliberate.

Call and write your senators, but don’t instigate violence against them.

FFS people.


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