Good news.

Look how she puts the word ‘defunds’ in scare quotes. Her fearmongering knows NO limits – at least she didn’t say it threatens HEALTHcare for millions.

Gosh, babies not being slaughtered out of convenience sounds like better care to most SANE Americans with a soul, Cecile.

Actually what it does is stop forcing Americans from paying for insurance they can’t afford, which is very different from stripping it away.

Progressives are such shameless LIARS.

Thinking Cecile should PROBABLY stay away from mentioning ANY body parts when she tweets.

Holy cow! Who paid that?! Oh wait … we did.


Oh yeah, and that little Ossoff tidbit. If they can afford to drop nearly a million dollars into a campaign they most certainly do NOT need tax dollars.

Period the end.

Ya’ think?

Wow Cecile, people are really calling you guys out on your bullspit.

We love it.

You shouldn’t.

We shouldn’t.

Time to defund Planned Parenthood.

Sounds good. Of course Cecile and the other abort-ghouls don’t really care about prenatal care or children, it’s all about how many abortions they can provide (and reportedly how many baby parts they can sell).

Good question.



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