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Article calls Obama 'aloof'; Libs scramble to put aloof in Handbook of Racial Code Words

Oh, good grief! Ron Fournier penned an article for The National Journal, titled “The Perils of Being Aloof,” in which he theorizes that good schmoozing can make a good presidency.


As we know, Obama is arrogant; his hubris knows no bounds. He often acts as if the presidency is beneath him and totally boring.

Heh. President Popularity Contest fits in there. And he does like to schmooze … if it means canoodling with all the purty people in Hollywood and the like.

Read Fournier’s article and decide on its merits yourself. In the meantime, feast your eyes on what the absurd Left took from it. Media Matters’ Willis offers the old “he won.”

Boehlert mumbles something about how “bipartisan” President Obama is for nominating Hagel.

He must be parroting the always pitiful Politico, who claimed the same thing: Hagel nod shows Obama’s “bipartisan spirit.” Hilarious.


But, of course, there’s more. What does aloof really mean? It’s a “dog whistle,” natch. The latest entry in the Handbook of Racial Code Words? Aloof.


Fournier is not alone. Sen. Graham and Joe Scarborough are blowing that dog whistle, too!

Sigh. Tommy Christopher, of course.

Really, now this is just sad. The lame predictability is embarrassing. And the racism of the Left is disgusting. They, and only they, see President Obama as black only. Every single thing in the world revolves around the color of Obama’s skin. If that isn’t racist, what is?

Editor’s note: Post has been edited to remove a tweet that was included in error.

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