Twitter is buzzing over tweets posted by former “America’s Next Top Model” cast member, model and actress Natasha Galkina (unverified account). She also uses the name Natalie Gal professionally. 

Outspoken, indeed. Twitchy has reported on the deadly violence in Egypt: Journalists and protesters are being shot, churches are being burned and the death toll is rising. President Appeasement has been leading from behind (on his bicycle) and citizens roundly mocked his inane briefing on Thursday, predicting what lame statement would come next.

Galkina’s statements on the other hand? A rarity, sadly: Calling it out, rather than condoning barbarism by persisting in delusional moral equivalency.

She pulled no punches.

She is receiving support and praise from fellow Twitter users:

Indeed. Is that trend changing? Actors Ken Wahl and James Woods have already vowed to remain silent no longer.

Speaking of praying, her Twitter feed also includes many bible verses.

An outspoken and proud Christian? Will the tolerance brigade put her in their sights next?

It is refreshing to see that perhaps there is no lockstep on the catwalk.

Ms. Galkina also offered up an unrelated gem:


Keep the tweets coming.


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