Snark-tastic! As Twitchy reported, San Diego Mayor Bob “Filthy” Filner finished his sexual harassment therapy early. No, for reals.

Hmm. Fox News’ Andy Levy and Allahpundit imagined what happened during his “therapy.”


The breast whisperer?


Ace of Spades then entered the hilarious mix:

Double snark-tastic. Ace also rightly called out some “feminist” Democrat women (and Chris Matthews):


And what about Andy Levy’s disturbing interpretation of Filner’s “rehab”?


But it’s funny because it really could be true!

Ace then took on Filthy Filner himself as only he can. Read and giggle madly:


And win:

Never change, guys.

NRO’s Greg Pollowitz has a distressing exit suggestion:

Oh dear. Stay tuned!


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