#HeadLocksFullofWomen! Debbie Wasserman Schultz posts her stupidest tweet ever?

Oh, honey. Everyone has the right to be stupid, but Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) sure does abuse that privilege.

She has tweeted some doozies before, like thanking Obamacare. Citizens taught her a lesson that time. This most recent tweet, however, sure does take the absurd and shameless cake.

Zing! And, hey, what about San Diego Mayor Filthy Filner? Attention Ms. Wasserman Schultz:


War on women? It comes from the Left. Every time.

Ace of Spades and a fellow Twitter user sum the Democrat For the Women ™ lies up in hashtag form:

Hashtag bam!


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  • GodSaveAmerica

    Wasserman Schultz is a liberal freak!

    • V the K

      And her name sounds like a gynecological procedure. “We won’t know what that crotch rash is until we perform the Wasserman-Schultz test.”

      • The Penguin

        HA! Holy sh*t! ahem…I mean appalling…absolutely appalling.

      • CatHerder

        She’d probably test positive.

      • Marjorie

        I thought it was an STD!

        • aclay777

          That would require that someone would have sex with her, there is a very small chance if she doesn’t speak.

          • therantinggeek

            Speak, or squeak? Oh, wait, doesn’t she squeak anyway?

          • Jarhead83

            More of a screech, like a cat being skinned alive…

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            oh you havent seen her husband? I think she found him at the Metro zoo in miami

          • aclay777

            too funny, but kind of believable

        • Angela J

          STD…you forgot to put in the UPI…which makes her STUPID, AS IF WE NEED TO BE REMINDED

      • The Penguin

        Will that be covered under Obamacare?

        • aclay777

          they exempted themselves from it.

          • therantinggeek

            Nope, no surprise there… 😛

        • Linda Cain

          NO You can’t fix stupid!

      • Joe

        I looked directly at DWS and I am afraid not only am I blind, but I think I am now sterile!

        • V the K

          Ah, Slaughter-DeLauro Syndrome: Hysterical impotence caused by looking at a female Democrat and thinking “Good Lord, someone actually mated with *that.*”

          • Scorpion

            I’m not sure about that. Looks more like a living birth control pill.

      • therantinggeek

        MINDBLEACH!!! 😛

      • audieho

        Never attempt to read Twitchy and drink Coke simultaneously. Some of the comments may lead to cleaning the screen from the Coke that was spit all over it.

      • theyellowbear

        I heard someone on The Mark Levin show refer to her as Debbie Was-A-Man Schultz. That remains my favorite!

        • Linda Cain

          Love that one!

      • Kelly


      • lainer51

        ZING BAM BOOM!!!!!!!

    • ICOYAR

      Do not insult freaks like that. They do not want to be associated with this abomination.

    • SWwife

      and a liar

    • http://www.conservativefiction.com/blog/author-pages/ Jamie Wilson

      I just call her by one short, simple word. It’s convenient – but it makes my dog feel sad.

    • lainer51

      even if she was a conservative, she would still be a freak!

  • GodSaveAmerica

    Wasserman Schultz is a liberal freak!

  • Jim Denney

    Nice doo Medusa … is that hypo-allergenic?

    • Marjorie

      Don’t look at her…don’t look at her!!!!!

      • The Penguin

        Right…look what happened to Pelosi’s face when she did.

        • Marjorie

          I have a mental picture of DWS, Pelosi and Hillary dancing around a cauldron, “Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble…”

          • The Penguin

            Better flush it quickly…lest you surely would go mad.

          • Marjorie

            My sanity is questionable at best…but I’ll wait for the tide to come in.

          • therantinggeek

            Finally! Someone who’s like me! Barely sane! 😀

          • therantinggeek


          • Scorpion

            I thought it was just me. I still get cold sweats every time.

      • aclay777

        well she’s not as bad as Meduse, Medusa had compelling looks that allured you to look, Shultz is kind of ugly and it’s easy not to.

      • Spiny Norman

        Don’t. Look.

        • IBXNJ

          Pardon me while I throw up!

        • Le Chiffre

          I thought Captain Kirk killed this thing years ago…

          • TJCrane_NCC1701

            I tried.

            We sent in Sulu first and he came back gay, so I gave the command, “Beam us up Scotty. There’s no intelligent life down here.”

            P.S. Gene Wilder called DWS and said that he wants his hair back…..

          • Spiny Norman

            It’s ALIVE!!

          • Scorpion

            That’s what happened after he didn’t slay the Gorn. It went on to procreate.

          • Le Chiffre

            The Gorn is exactly what I pictured! Ha!

  • Jim Denney

    Nice doo Medusa … is that hypo-allergenic?

  • therantinggeek

    I wonder how long it will be until someone from the Left chimes in… #makesmewonder

  • therantinggeek

    I wonder how long it will be until someone from the Left chimes in… #makesmewonder

  • I M Free

    I agree Debbie Liarman Schults. Only Dems attract females. Great examples like Clintion, Filner, Spitzer and the Weiner is Carlos Danger

    • aclay777

      Hey you forgot Finestein

      • Tristan Chris Heiss

        damn it Feinstien is a woman?

        • Scorpion

          Only If it’s politically convenient.

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      well I disagree.. republican and tea party womenare the most beautiful politicians and democratic women arent just ugly on the surface. they are soul deep ugly.

      • BayushiZero

        Hey. We got Michelle Malkin. We won by default.

  • The Penguin

    Hey people of Florida…seriously, WTH were you thinking with this one?

    • Frustrated Teacher

      Just remember that MOST people in Florida lived up north originally…

      • Tristan Chris Heiss

        yep and they have trashed the state after they kicked out all the french canadians. hioghways that go nowhere anyone wants to go. buried the ecosystem under golf courses. and dumped fertilizer in al the waterways from their yankee grass lawns that cant live without it. they even brought maple trees ? damn things just go from green to a weird pink and then brown out all winter. Im leaving before the whole state collapses into a sink hole from their mismanagement. I grew up the 1st ten years in the Florida keys..lucky me i still remember paradise before all the rich yankees blocked it out with CONDOS and TAXES!

        • Michael Burch

          yeah this a weird state alright…but I live in marion county..florida…now there is a weird county..not much business here..been here since 1971…it would be a beautiful state if it wasn’t for the people…

    • William Kent Jenkins

      Not in my district , she is surrounded by New York Jews

      • aclay777

        that’s hard too believe, these must be senile Jews, Jewish people are a lot smarter than this.

        • ChiTownGal

          Couldn’t tell by the way they vote. Majority are dumbocrats.

    • Tristan Chris Heiss

      dont blame us . we left thats hell hole of south FL to the democrats long ago and we brought the american flag with us too! we are making a stand in central FL as we speak.. but may retreat and let them have this state that has become a yankee democrat shithole

    • IBXNJ

      She is not MY rep!!

  • GaryTheBrave

    About half the speakers at the last GOP convention were women in elective office. Many of them are minorities. Why doesn’t the GOP counter such fallacies? How can the GOP counter such fallacies?

  • ClinkinKY

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz— the stupid is strong with this one.

  • MJ Pauls

    Maybe it has something to do with how viciously the left goes after women who dare choose conservatism. Examples: Mia Love, Sarah Palin

    • SkyePuppy

      But don’t you know? Those aren’t REAL women.

      • aclay777

        No those are real women, ten of any democrat women couldn’t make one of Palin or especially Mia Love.

    • Suzyqpie

      And Ann Romney, Mother of 5, never worked a day in her life.

      • Foxxman

        Mother of 5…never worked a day in her life. Isn’t that some kind of oxymoron?

        • Suzyqpie

          Yes and a horribly organized comment. My goal was to point out the folly of that statement when it was made during the campaign.

          • Foxxman

            No worries. I was pretty sure that’s what you were saying. I was commenting on their comment. The depth of the lib-stupidity knows no bounds.

      • MeanieHead

        are you jealous?

        • tops116

          Any liberal would be jealous of the thought of not having to work a day in their lives.

      • QueenB

        Please go up to a stay at home mom and say that to her face. Make sure you take a video and post it here for all of us to enjoy.

        • Suzyqpie

          Redo: the ridiculous allegation that Ann Romney, Mother of 5, never worked a day in her life.

          • Caulfieldgirl

            “Most” of us Women understood you quite well……

          • Michael Anderson (WB)

            And fathers

          • Caulfieldgirl

            Boy are you a good man. Your wife was lucky to “catch” you. Wish all women were that lucky. I am one of those lucky women,. I found a good man, too.

      • billeeblue

        Mother of 5….this doesn’t require work? That’s an insult to all stay at home Moms.

        • journogal

          A Democrat talking head/operative (sorry her name evades me now, but she has close ties to Obama/WH) said that about Ann Romney during the election cycle. The poster is simply repeating what was said about Ann.

          • tops116

            I wanna say her name was Hillary Rosen, but I’m not bothering to run a Google search. “Democrat saying something stupid” yields so many results, even if you just limit it to 2012.

          • journogal

            Yes, it was Hillary Rosen and I recall the Jay Carney quipped when asked about Hillary Rosen on the WH visitor logs that the WH knows “a lot of Hillary Rosen.”
            And double yes to “democrats saying something stupid.”

      • tops116

        That’s why liberals are so in favor of abortion. Even one child takes a lot of work, so five would be a hell of a challenge.

  • ObamaFail

    I think she’s just upset that Hillary Clinton and Wendy Davis are the best liberals can come up with.

    • The Penguin

      And ironically…the worst at the same damn time!

  • Pedro

    I think I am finally getting this Tweeting thing. It is kind of like e-mailing the world with all your spur of the moment, poorly thought out, brain farts. You know, there were lots of advantages to the old way of communication- letters. You had to think and review what you were writing then you actually had to address it, put a stamp on it, walk it down to the Post Office box and put it in. Lots of time to re-think all the stupid stuff you just said and tear it up. Now… hit send and the whole world knows what a moron you are… DebWasShul is a perfect example.

  • Marvin Nelson

    Waaaaaaaaaserman-Schultz has made stupid an art form. She is truly gifted in this area.

    • Jarhead83

  • MarcusFenix

    I bet if you ask her what republican policy stances are holding women back, she’d answer “SQUIRREL!!!!”

    Like most liberals, she’s got nothing to say, and has a miraculous way of saying it…to the laughter of all.

  • peteee363

    “#HeadLocksFullofWomen! Debbie Wasserman Schultz posts her stupidest tweet ever?”
    that assumes she won’t make an even stupider one in the future! odds are she can’t help herself.

  • Moonbeam

    GOP attacks its female deficit in Congress

    – The Grand Old Party holds a majority of seats in the House of Representatives. Yet of 234 Republican members, only 19 are women.

    – According to CNN’s 2012 exit polls, 55 percent of women voted for Barack Obama, a stark leap over the 44 percent who voted for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. And Democrats made gains in both the Senate and the House.

    – Indeed, women make up a mere 8% of the Republican House caucus. House Democratic women comprise a staggering 29%, by comparison.


    • bicentennialguy


    • http://redstate.com/ midwestconservative

      29% hahahaha that’s hardly staggering. By the way there are more female Governors out there that identify as Republican than Democrats. And at least two of them stand a better chance of getting elected as our first female President than Hillary Clinton.

    • TocksNedlog


    • Chevypowered

      While on your high horse did you spot all those Democratic perverts flying around?

    • MarcusFenix

      Until you expand that number outside of the House, but…lets keep the facts limited to justify your point.

      Let’s narrow it to state governors, shall we? Two can play the narrow numbers game.

      30 current state governors are Republicans. 4 of them are women. That leaves 20 states with Democratic governors, and only 1 of them is a woman. So does that mean that Democrats hate women governors? Statistically, 4 times as many women who are governors are members in the Republican party.

      And while it should be lauded that Dems put a woman on a presidential ticket via Geraldine Ferraro….that was in 1984. I think the GOP had one on the ticket much more recently…………Wonder why Democrats have this mantra about a war on women, when they’re waging one of their own?

    • Mekadave

      29% is ‘staggering’? …. oh, you Keynesian lefties and your wacky New Math.

    • Suzyqpie

      Since 0bama was elected democrats have lost 9 governorships, 56 House seats, and 2 Senate seats….

      • Moonbeam

        And how is that related to the issue of women’s representation in Congress?

        • QueenB

          I don’t know, but maybe you can talk to your guy about how he pays his female staffers less than he does his male staffers. Get back to us with his excuse.

          • tops116

            Equal pay for equal work… except in the White House.

    • Keith

      So your point us that miserable, lying pos like schultz, pelosi, lee, etc are in congress and that is good for the country??? Typical lib thought….stupid.

    • journogal

      As long as they have “D” behind their names, some don’t care.

    • J. Cox

      Oh wait..we forgot..we need to force women into the box you progressive morons have made,so we can be “fair”.meanwhile..every woman that stands up in the GOP gets nothing but hate spewed from idiots in the media,and peons like you.But we just can’t figure out why more just don’t embrace your hate.

    • tops116

      “Indeed, women make up a mere 8% of the Republican House caucus. House Democratic women comprise a staggering 29%, by comparison.”

      So, Republicans have a woman problem based on that? Then I guess Democrats have a black problem since there’s only one black guy in the Senate and his name is Tim Scott.

      By the way, what do you have to say about Obama paying female staffers less than male staffers for doing the same job? Hmm? Hmm?

  • Maxx

    I see linguini-head is vomiting ignorance again.

    On behalf of Floridians who DIDN’T vote for her, I apologize to the rest of the nation for this cackling hen.

  • disqus_ya20Xib7Xv

    Too bad for all you folks, Florida and elsewhere. Hope you are enjoying yourselves cuz this game is almost over.

  • http://redstate.com/ midwestconservative

    That’s okay because Democrats have a hard time finding Doctors and Veterans to be their candidates.
    Also I’m pretty sure the GOP has more Women Governors than the Democrats do. Last time I checked they have a grand total of one female Governor ( Maggie Hassan) and she’s routinely an idiot.

  • Barry A. Brewer

    At least the GOP’s women candidates actually LOOK like women – maybe that’s Debbie’s problem

  • Stephen L. Hall

    I take issue with the ignorance of the very phrase: “women’s rights” which she pretends the RNC is trying to limit. Our “inalienable rights” come as an inherent condition of being human, not being male or female. Women have neither fewer nor more “rights” than men.

    The only “right” that they can refer to as “women’s” is abortion, which is classified not as a right to abortion but declared by the Supreme Court as a “right of privacy.” So let’s quit with the ignorant “women’s rights” jargon and call it what it is.

  • Joe W.

    And I suppose this frizzled haired twerp has never heard of Nancy Mace??

    • therantinggeek

      Probably not.

  • TocksNedlog

    “her stupidest tweet ever?”
    — What, she isn’t going to tweet something else tomorrow?

    From “The Simpsons Movie”
    Bart: This is the worst day of my life!
    Homer: The worst day of your life SO FAR.

  • KateNE

    I’ll take all my pro-life candidates (male and female) over her “let’s kill babies in the womb even after they can feel pain” candidates any day.

  • Junie3

    Mayor Filthy Fill-her, Weiner Wonkher and Spitzonher seem to be the Admirals of the war on women. What party are they members of?

    • Suzyqpie

      I will add John Edwards, the Standard Whereby all Philanders should be judged. John Edwards established the new low when he denied paternity of his own child.

  • aclay777

    Holy crap, she is a democrat to the bone, she takes what they do wrong and then blame the Republicans for what harm they caused. It’s the Democrats that take jobs, higher taxes oppose civil rights limit women’s rights, that’s just history. Schultz is just a typical liar that is mandatory to be a Liberal.

  • patrick quinn

    What she meant to say: The GOP is having a hard time attracting “UGLY” female candidates….

  • Spasmolytic

    Republican women have a huge advantage over liberal women, not only are they intellectually superior, they’re also…. (see pic. below)

    • Moonbeam

      O, yes, and looks are of course infinitely important :)

      • QueenB

        No dear, brains AND beauty. Sorry you’re jealous.

        • Moonbeam

          Brains? That is quite debatable :)

          • QueenB

            To people without them, perhaps.

          • journogal

            Why? You because you disagree with their views so therefore you think they are unintelligent? So much for being a tolerant liberal. Open your mind and realize you can disagree with people, but that doesn’t mean their thoughts or beliefs are stupid. This is really something coming from someone who kept telling many of us how mean we are to Obama and how you equate that with deaths threat that Bush still receives. Priceless :) :) :) :) :) :) Like we said, you won’t call out liberals who tweet hateful statements out to minorities and/or conservative women. You have just proved that with you cutesy little statement about them having brains is quite debatable. :) :) :) :)

          • Spasmolytic

            Its sad that the ‘so-called’ women’s rights advocates on the left have zero respect for any woman who disagrees with them.

          • J. Cox

            Yes…of course for you it is.You hate these women so much for daring not to think exactly like you,so they must be stupid.Yet somehow…every single time (D)’s come to power anywhere…nothing but failure.Now throw in the fact that you guys keep trying the same stupid ideas over and over again…clearly we are the dumb ones.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Not really – it’s pretty well known that liberals don’t have brains.

          • tops116

            Actually, it’s not debatable as evidenced by your unwillingness to debate.

            Just to be clear, not a single woman on the Republican side there was running around claiming that a YouTube video was responsible for Benghazi (even as intelligence outfits were calling BS on that). That’s proof of intelligence–something Hillary clearly lacks.

      • ICOYAR

        I bet you have wet dreams of Jabba the Hutt.

      • BAW

        I actually think it’s more an issue that anger and hatred show on your face and I see a whole lot more of that true ugliness in the women of the left. Of course, there is also no denying that there are some genuinely unattractive women on the left (you want to argue that Reno or Albright are real lookers?).

      • Spasmolytic

        There’s nothing wrong with admiring a beautiful woman.

        *If you read my comment, I specifically mentioned the intelligence of Republican women.

      • tops116

        Yeah, just look at the liberal Hollywood for proof of that.

    • Jimmie Robinson

      Democrat women are as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside…

    • jeffunde

      That list needs to be updated with Dana Perino!

      • Spasmolytic

        Andrea Tantaros!

        • Jeremy

          quite the knockout.Smart and Sexy.

    • Marvin Nelson

      God, those DemoCRAP women are hideous. When they cried, the tears ran down their back. May have to drink myself to sleep tonight.

    • F. R.

      My eyes! My eyes!

  • Bruce

    The only thing that suprises me is someone as STUPID as wasserman sholtz still has an audience, this has to be the dumbest comment she could say, of coarse adding some untrue comments to try to sway her view, though anyone even a democrats as stupidly following the sheep in front of them could see that she is simply trying to create something out of nothing, I think it’s more like the GOP wants talent and I guess that speaks volumes when listening to your absurd statement, because it’s clear she have neither, talent or class.

  • anjullyn

    I am SURE this will not be her stupidest tweet ever. In that empty head there are many more stupid tweets to come.

  • http://discus.com yourmamatoo

    Someone sure is sounding desperate. That argument has already been done. It won’t work.
    Get some new material.

  • Lilli

    If DWSmucks brain was as big as her mouth…(or AZZ) she’d be a rocket scientist….or a conservative….unfortunately…it isn’t….What a putz she is..

  • Tristan Chris Heiss

    hmm I see some of the most drop dead good looking republican women out there.. i have yet to see a democratic woman who doesnt resemble Quasimodo tho. this woman doesnt even represent her party. she lives in a community that has a gate house that cost over 2 million to build.i know i worked doing remodeling in Weston ,Florida. and i think she is the only democrat who actually lives there.

  • Richard Lemire

    She never ceases to amaze everyone does she? She ignores her own party’s war on women to claim that republicans have one. I would gladly stack any Republican woman up against the witches democrats have in office anytime anywhere. Republicans require candidates to have a brain, Democrats obviously do not have that.

  • americanexile

    There are five female governors right now in the US. Four are Republicans.

    Also, what party had the first female VP nominee?

    Eff you, Debbie.

    • SahibandCrew

      I agree with your sentiment, but if I remember correctly, Geraldine Ferraro was the first female VP nominee.

    • BAW

      Great point about the governors but the first female VP nominee was Geraldine Ferraro.

    • walterc

      I think you forgot Geraldine Ferraro ran as the Dem VP in the 80’s. But I see your point.

      • BAW

        And I was thinking, it is easy to forget Geraldine Ferraro. I suspect the same will never be said of Palin.

    • Victoria Richardson

      Governor Palin did way better than Geraldine Ferraro and basicly was the star of the ticket. Heck, only way John McCain could get a audience was when Sarah Palin was with him.

  • Tristan Chris Heiss

    lol I think I just got moderated to death here.

  • Right Wired

    Liberal females need to stop thinking with their vaginas.

    • buckofama2010

      Well, normal men sure do not think about them. All liberal women are nasty skanks That no man would touch no matter how much they had to drink

  • DeadlockVictim

    Debbie Was-a-Man Schultz and the rest of the feminists lost all credibility when they circled their wagons around ol’ Billy Boy. If he had been a CEO of any public company, they’d have been screeching for his head.

  • http://intoexploring.blogspot.com/ Greg

    She is competing with Sheila Jackson Lee for dimmest Dem.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Race to the bottom!

  • BAW

    Her problem is that a woman like her can’t get elected as a Republican. Conservatives, the men and we women won’t vote for a woman just because she’s a woman. And Debbie does not meet our standards. So elected Republican women are make her look stupid, because she is and they aren’t.

  • https://youtu.be/h82D5ZvcALM CrustyB

    What it must be like, living in the fictional fantasy world of the liberal.

  • UrDumber

    How can Wassie continue to remain irrelevant if she doesn’t pass gas on Twitter occasionally?

  • BAW

    Yep, Republicans 4 (four) count them, 4:
    Governor Jan Brewer
    Governor Susana Martinez
    Governor Mary Fallin
    Governor Nikki Haley

    Democrats 1:
    Governor Maggie Hassan

    Democrats do let women like DWS pretend to be leaders (because she raised a lot of money). As chairperson is she actually in charge of anything? I think she’s just a mouthpiece for the DNC.

    Conservatives trust women to run states. Democrats almost exclusively just use women.

  • Keri Green

    We all know Debbie you are a pathological liar just like your Messiah Obama. “DON’T FORGET YOUR DAY IS COMING”. Judgement day. And Obama is going to be in no place to save your TREASONOUS ASS!

  • poljunkie♪

    She’s following George Costanzas rule: It’s not a lie if you believe it.

    Some one get the hook and pull this hack off the stage.

  • OldmanRick

    Be kind to Debbie. Her excessive use of Botox, hair coloring, and perms has destroyed whatever few mental abilities she ever possessed.

  • eeddggy

    I wouldn’t call the females in the Democrat Party….women.

  • John Smith

    They should replace their donkey with her mug shot. But I think donkeys will protest. They are not THAT stupid.

  • Pancake3

    Liberal freak AND dumb as a box of rocks.

  • tjp77

    The only ‘right’ that matter to liberals is the right to unlimited, unregulated, subsidized abortion.

    Ask them about every other right, and they’ll say that there are caveats and conditions attached. Literally every other one. But abortion? Nope. That’s more sacred than any other one, even though it doesn’t even exist as a ‘right’ on any of our founding documents.

    Remember ladies, you only matter to liberals to the extent that you’re ready, willing and able to have an abortion.

  • blue_strat

    the sad part is, I think liberals actually believe the drivel they spew. if a liberal can visualize it, no matter how outlandish it may be, it becomes reality. be patient fellow conservatives, they can only ride that wave so long until they hit the beach.

  • Thankfulnote

    DWS defends women having LOWER STANDARDS OF MEDICAL CARE in abortion
    clinics. That is what allowed Gosnell to rip women apart for 40 years.

    GRRR. I am a woman and a former Democrat. Women who purposely support policies to hurt other woman should be a shamed!

  • Karin_A

    There’s a GOP woman getting ready to try and unseat my Dim Rep. NY-21

  • CynicOwl

    I understand the hostility…a Republican does her hair.

  • Peetweefish

    Conservative women are too smart to go into politics.

  • LButler234

    Mia Love

    • nc

      Love Mia Love.

  • http://www.robjonesforpresident.com/ Rob Jones

    DWS lives in her little bubble and somehow maintains a vice-like grip on unreality.

    I notice that despite her “I am woman hear me roar” rhetoric she never objects to the tasteless crap the left says about women on the right. Standard DNC bull. You could fertilize vast acres with her nonsense.

    • ELC

      She’s plain mean-spirited. She learned all her lessons sitting next to Piglosi.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    If they ain’t out and running yet, they will be… The one I’d like to see? RUNNING FOR YOUR SEAT, WASHED-UP-WOMAN! Jawamax 8<{D}

    • ELC

      Wishful thinking. Anyone who comes up against her usually loses. I hope you are right that someone will kick her a$$, but I’m not holding my breath. People usually fall by the wayside who run against her.

  • DeafRanger

    Debbie Sewerman Shultz is a truly lame brain whose mouth out runs her low powered brain cells!

  • Stu Gotts

    She’s as stupid as she is ugly.

  • ChicagoJohn

    To date, the only president (or modern politician) that I know of, that was accused of rape, was a Democrat. And his entire response to the statement was that his lawyer had already addressed the accusation.

    Democrats care about woman’s rights as long as their candidate isn’t involved.

  • ELC

    Wasserman-Shultz is a scary excuse for a representative from my State of Florida. Not only is she homely, but she is a vicious b***h. Unfortunately, the elder crowd in my part of the State are brainwashed and live in a trance when it comes to her. The minute that big mouth of hers opens-usually something nasty comes out. What holds us back from getting in someone good is the idiots down here who continually vote her in.

  • Scorpion

    They should play the Portuguese Washer Woman song every time she opens her pie hole. No offense to the Portuguese.

  • nc

    When I saw the headline, “stupidest tweet ever” for DWS, I thought, wow, that’s a high bar to clear. But Twitchy, you never let me down!

  • tops116

    Remember last year when Democrats claimed every Republican was on the hook for Akin and Murdock? Well, Debbie speaks for the party of Filner and Weiner. ‘Nuff said!

  • dfgdfgdfg

    Wait Debra Wasserman-Schultz is a woman?

  • detroit19

    Four words for Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz…Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton. Contemporary version? Spitzer, Weiner, Filner, Hernandez.. And fyi? You’re an idiot.

  • donsaliman

    Just look and see how the liberals treat any women running as a republican.
    Not only women, look how they treat any black or hispanic running as a republican.

  • Jack Deth

    A Briefcase full of Blues.
    A litter of kittens.
    A clowder of cats.
    A murder of crows.
    A pint of Bitters.
    A herd of turtles.

    Bottom line. DWS is a mud fence ugly multiplier of ignorance.

  • NixTyranny

    The Dems “War on Women” starts before many future women are even born considering that in the neighborhood of half of all babies aborted are female.

  • Dirty Harry

    Hey Debbie, at least we’re not groping, sexting, sending pictures of our privates, or sexually harassing our women!

  • http://www.conservativefiction.com/blog/author-pages/ Jamie Wilson

    Maybe conservative women don’t care to put their families through the Democrat attack grinder. #SarahPalin #MichelleBachmann #doIneedtogoonhere?

  • bo1921

    And it’s rabid dough-heads like debbie who’ll do everything in their power to demonize and destroy Republican women candidates – every time.

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    Debbie, Debbie, Debbie. Just because you’re a chairwoman of the DNC doesn’t mean you can only be as smart as a chair…

  • dave9000

    Wise people speak because they have something to say, fools because they have to say something

  • chetnapier

    the gop has women candidates it was the lack of facial hair and botox that fooled her

  • DorothyGrissom

    Wasserman is just plain nasty. Honestly, I think her perm is too tight.

  • Jeremy
    • NixTyranny

      Positively scary picture designed to make someone “lose their cookies” rather than to get them to buy some.

  • KansasGirl

    I’ve been a female conservative R my entire life…so I think it’s time for all conservative women to declare war on these moonbat liberal women. lol

  • Victoria Richardson

    There’s a war on women alright and its by the left. The way Sarah Palin has been treated along with other conservative women is disgraceful. They have been called every sexist name in the book and they still stand tall and proud. Republican women like Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, among many others have guts and strength.

  • Voice of reason

    All the left can do is make outrageous claims, if they say it enough it becomes true in the hollow skulls of their zombies.

  • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

    She is a nut job, we have way more women than they all they have is a Poodle a few Cross Dressers.

  • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

    She is a nut job, we have way more women than they all they have is a Poodle a few Cross Dressers.

  • bbroome62

    It looks like Was-a-man wants another 15 minutes.

  • PatSisler

    I don’t understand stupid women like Wasserman Schultz, As they say stay out of MY BEDROOM” Then when they want to go out and spread their “WINGS” They say come back into my bedroom because I need “YOU” to pay for my Birth Control Pills., But “Stay out of “MY BEDROOM”. Them they go out and “SPREAD THEIR WINGS” and forget to take the BIRTH CONTROL PILLS that I bought, and now say to me COME BACK into my bedroom as I need you to pay for me to Abort this baby I’m having , as I forgot to take my PILL’s you Bought. so come back into my BEDROOM and pay for this Killing of my Baby, Then Get the HELL out of MY BEDROOM.
    How in the hell does this make any Sense to anyone”””
    She’s shut a very Stupid Woman!!!

  • ns4853

    Debbie Wash-her-mans-shits

  • Anthony Clay

    the washerwoman known to spout amazing nonsense without a prompting, you must give her a milkbone

  • Defend Liberty Philly Dude

    The Declaration of Independence: The tyrant has attempted to coerce people to relinquish the right of representation in the legislature.

  • CrusadaB

    Don’t forget about the war on Oprah…she couldn’t see a 38,000 purse…now that’s a real war on a woman. Pfft.