Zing! That was beautiful. As Twitchy reported, Piers Morgan let his idiocy show once again. Look, everyone has the right to be stupid. But Piers Morgan totally abuses the privilege. Piers took to Twitter to attack Dana Loesch and her family. He also attempted to compare Ms. Loesch and her gun ownership to the Newtown shooter.

Just when you think he can’t sink any lower, he proves you wrong!

“Justified” co-star Nick Searcy, who has taken Piers Morgan to task before, stepped in and blasted him beautifully.

His Twitter followers jumped into the awesome mix as well.



Another point, which was brought up by The Daily Caller’s “Jim Treacher.”

Boom. Searcy follows up with another zinger.

Wiping tears.

Heh. CNN progressives of pallor alert!

And the triple zinger:

More please, Mr. Searcy!


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