Gee, we wonder why? Take a gander at two of her latest tweets for a hint.

Oh, honey. Also established? The fact that you can’t get ratings.

Soledad O’Brien is losing her CNN gig, Politico reports.

CNN plans to launch a new morning show to replace the poorly rated “Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien,” sources at the network tell POLITICO.

The new show will be co-hosted by Chris Cuomo, who has just joined the network from ABC News, and likely by Erin Burnett, who currently hosts a primetime program on CNN. O’Brien’s own future at the network remains unclear.

LOL, indeed. A “real journalist”? Ah, yes. Remember the time she read straight from a lefty talking point blog?

And who can forget when she claimed she is just so special that she is above bias? Stop tweeting Soledad! She’s special. Oh-so-special.

Who will run endless shows about race now?

And what about the giggles? Oh, how we will miss the giggles.

Take heart, dear readers!

Twitter users are here to provide the giggles.

They also offer up some employment ideas.

But maybe one outlet is.

Heh. Thanks for the memories, Special Snowflake O’Brien. Since we are givers, here are some of the oh-so-delicious memories, all in one place.

You’re welcome. Bless your precious heart.