Barbara Comstock responds to Soledad O’Brien’s talking points gaffe

Virginia House of Delegates member Barbara Comstock has responded to revelations that “Anderson Cooper 360” guest host Soledad O’Brien was reading from a Talking Points Memo email during a contentious debate last night.

O’Brien sneaked a look at the printout in an effort to respond to Comstock’s point that the House’s proposed budget was a bipartisan creation.

From Comstock’s Facebook fan page:

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Soledad O’Brien was reading straight from liberal talking points ON AIR during an interview I did last night with her. Of course she didn’t read this op-ed where liberal Senator Ron Wyde (sic) (Dem from Oregon) defended the Ryan-Wyden Medicare plan — he actually called it the WYDEN-RYAN plan! Read about it here:

O’Brien filled in for host Anderson Cooper again Tuesday night, but there was no mention of the incident. Nor was there a quick peek at a blog — at least not one caught on camera.

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