Oh, no! What are Obama cheerleaders to do? Suzanne Malveaux gives it the old college try.

She’s so eager and excited! This is even better than the White House Correspondents’ Dinner! Gee, Suzanne, you mean there is a crush of people at a checkpoint? Unprecedented!

For a certain value of “crowds.” Others on the scene report the crowds are noticeably smaller than Obama’s first Inauguration.


Aww. It stings, doesn’t it? He totally planned the smaller crowds. Plus, Obamacare. So, shaddup, wingnuts (which apparently now includes reporters who are daring to post small crowd photos). Perhaps that’s why the Obama head cheerleaders in the media are still frantically trying to spin the lines and excitedly squee.

Hundreds of schoolkids! MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski gets in on the act.


At The Dubliner. To try to get on television. Oh, sweetie.

No, for real! People are totally excited, guys. See?

More like a Sandra Fluke “intimate gathering” numbering in the tens.