CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux ready to throw her panties on stage at Correspondents’ Dinner; Update: Her walk of shame home still in progress

Who can eat? Because, ZOMG Obama! And after parties!

With super cool celebrities and such!

Suzanne’s heart-doodled diary will be busy today!

Pressing issue of the day for an oh-so-esteemed journalist; look at our super cute shoes! Oh, do you think Obama will notice? Notice me, The One! Notice ME.

She upped her chances of being noticed by Mr. ‘slow jam’ President by having his director of broadcast media as her guest. That’s totally not conflict of interest-y or anything.

She won’t leave.

And the most important day ever? The day of nerd prom. Because, Barack Obama.

How do people without birthdays that fall on the same day as the White House Correspondents’ Dinner carry on? We will somehow have to muddle through. Somehow.

A night in the life of a simpering teen journalist.


Suzanne Malveaux’s walk of shame home continues. She’s not done squealing and desperately trying to score.

Sheesh, Suzanne. Try a cold shower.

Stop rubbing it in to those of us who aren’t lucky enough to share a birthday with the swoon-filled nerd prom!

And we called it. Suzanne was in charge of booty dances this year.

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