Fiscal cliff, shmiscal cliff! Who will think of the journalists? WHO? The hapless Howard Kurtz will, natch.

Oh, Howard “Always Late to a Scoop” Kurtz. First he was totally confused and astonished by media bias. Then, he was once again astounded that David Gregory channeled a squeeing fan boy when interviewing President Obama. Now, he is desperately seeking a fainting couch over the tragic tales of poor, little lapdogs who have to do their jobs. Forced to do them, in fact. Forced! Oh, the humanity.

Normal people who don’t consider alleged journalists to be Special Snowflakes rightly give Kurtz the business.

Indeed. Mr. Kurtz, try getting out of your sad, little bubble sometimes. You might find some real people who don’t believe that the world revolves around them. Real people who are struggling, and working hard to put food on their tables. People who seek accountability from their government, and truth from the media. It would be nice if “journalists” could give them that last one, just once.

We won’t hold our breath.


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