Lapdogs: NRA’s LaPierre on ‘Meet the Press,’ David Gregory blatantly lets gun-grabber bias show; Updated

Oh, Howard. Bless your heart! Howard Kurtz is confused and late to a “scoop” once again. What? A media lapdog showing bias? That’s unheard of! Except, of course, it’s not.


NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre was one of the guests on “Meet the Press” this morning.

Of course fellow lapdog, and deceptive video editor, Andrea Mitchell frames it as “challenging.” Oh, really?

Gee, why would he think the media are biased? Once again, David Gregory let his bias show and Twitter users rightfully called him out on it.

That was putting it kindly. Other Twitter users cut right to the chase: David Gregory is the epitome of a biased lapdog.

Of course! He’s oh-so-brave when toeing the liberal line. “Challenging” on Benghazi? Not so much.

Gregory also showed his willful ignorance.

He joins his buddy Piers “Musket” Morgan in that ignorance.

And, back to poor, clueless Howard Kurtz; does all the above help explain it, Mr. Kurtz?

We are givers, Mr. Kurtz, so we will help you out and save you from the arduous task of googling. You can also start here:

You’re welcome.

Update: Zing! Actor Adam Baldwin destroys Gregory with just two tweets.

Biased and a scofflaw?! Some reports on Twitter are suggesting that he may be.

Hmm. What say you, Gregory?

Twitchy will update with any further developments. Stay tuned!

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