As Twitchy reported last week, a complaint was filed when a TSA agent exposed the breasts of Rep. Hall’s grandniece during a pat-down. The incident happened over two years ago, but was just brought to light when internal memos were obtained after a Freedom of Information Act request.

Today, reporter Scott MacFarlane continues his outstanding work of bringing TSA abuses to light.

What private purposes? And what data was used for such purposes? Wait, there’s more.

Wow. Richmond Airport weighed in via its Twitter account, to protest that this is old news and that it has already been dealt with.

What hasn’t been dealt with? The complaints over the TSA’s use of pat-downs and the allegations that women undergo pat-downs more than men.

Of course, anyone reading Twitchy or Twitter would know that this seems to be the pattern.

But, no worries, ladies!

Because, that is the biggest concern. War on women? Look to the TSA and the Democrats.

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