Oh, dear. Is Obama for America campaign manager, creepy Jim Messina, rapping now? He should use the stage name Creepy Cold Messina. Also, he might want to change up his lyrics. As everyone knows, math is hard for Team Obama.

Messina held a conference call this morning and Twitter was buzzing.

Sadly for Mr. Messina, it wasn’t the good kind of buzz. His statements were hilarious.

Um. It’s not called #Mittmentum for nothing, toots.

Again, no. His momentum is palpable. If you want desperate, look in the mirror.

Dripping with confidence! Or, you know, desperation. Either one. You see, you always know what a Democrat is thinking or feeling by what they accuse others of feeling.

He’s panicked! Time to stick his fingers in his ears and cry, “La, la, la, I can’t hear you.”

They have sunk so low that they are now being creepsters wagering creep-staches. As Twitchy reported, David Axelrod bet his mustache that Romney would not win Michigan, Minnesota or Pennsylvania. Evidently, Team Obama is hanging its sad hat on such wagers.

Bless. So precious.

Twitter users sum Messina’s sad, little rap up best, as they always do.

Heh. Let’s make it happen.