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Oklahoma College to offer bachelor’s degree in gunsmithing and Lefties are having NONE OF IT


As most reasonable and rational adults know, learning a marketable skill is far superior to a liberal arts degree in Gender Studies and Underwater Basket-weaving/Interpretive Dance. As we all ALSO know, the average progressive Lefty is neither reasonable nor rational. And the proof is right here in the unhinged responses to this tweet from Governor Kevin Stitt:


This appears to be a perfectly reasonable skill for someone to learn, particularly given the increase in first-time gun buyers we’ve seen in the last three years. (The majority of whom are Black women, by the way, so there goes the argument that if more Black people would just buy guns, we’d have ‘common sense gun control!’)

But alas, the hysterically hyperbolic responses started rolling in, right on cue!

How in the name of everything holy did he manage to make that herculean leap? Sometimes this writer is totally convinced that these people just create fake scenarios in their own heads because they want to be angry.

These people are living proof that propaganda WORKS. Democrats in our government rejoice!

Not everyone was desperately clutching their pearls in the comment section, though. Saner heads managed to make their support known.


Short. Simple. Accurate.

Short. Simple. Accurate.


The irony in all of this is that, from dollars to donuts, these Lefties have ZERO issues with elective abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. But sure, they’re totally concerned about ‘tHe cHiLdReN!!.'



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