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The HORROR! Stephen King tries picking a fight with Dan Bongino and it ONLY brings him 'Misery'

This writer is no stranger to Stephen King - the man can tell one hell of a story. But then you go to his Twitter/X page and it all goes to pot. He proves constantly that he is completely out of touch with not only his base audience but with the average American in general. This can *almost* be forgiven when you understand how distanced woke, wealthy white Leftists are from the life that most people live. 


Case in point, Stephen King couldn't help but take a swipe at Dan Bongino over his new book discussing how failures inspire successes.

It all started here:

Enter the 'King of Horror': 

King himself is no stranger to failure. The most glaring example is Carrie, his first book published. It was rejected 30 TIMES and was only finally published in 1974 ... and the rest is history.

Now King can add THIS failure of a tweet to his own public L’s.


Do we detect a bit of professional jealousy? King just had his newest book released on September 5th, why is he harping on someone else’s?

OK, but this one made us LOL. Harsh, but very fair.

10/10 would watch!

Failures are only failures if you let them halt your progress. Like King nearly did with Carrie.


Hopefully King’s future 'failures' continue to push books like Dan’s to the forefront so that regular people like us can continue to be inspired in spite of our failures. 

Long live the King.



Krassenstein bro demands conservatives respect pronouns and LOL-YEAH no


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