And the reasons to agree with delightfully blunt Barbara Bush just keep on comin’.

As Twitchy reported on Monday, Jeb Bush recently sneered all at the right-wing “chirpers out there,” perhaps in reference to critics like Sarah Palin who mocked his “immigrant fertility” justification for the amnesty bill.

But as radio host Dana Loesch notes, it wasn’t the first time chirping “wacko birds” got under the former Florida governor’s skin.

Epic crankiness, with a heaping side of douchenozzlery.

Scolded! Did he lift his nose into the air and ask, “Don’t you know who I am?”

More from Loesch’s blog about the dinner where she was seated next to Allen West and his wife:

Jeb Bush was apparently angry about the clinking of dinner plates and whispered conversation during the remarks of the previous speaker which were written to honor him, typical of any event at which speakers engage the audience during dinner. I and others have done it countless times. After he was honored and introduced, Jeb Bush took the stage and immediately scolded the audience, stating “I wish I could have heard those nice things about myself” and remarked that perhaps event organizers should “shut down” the bar so that people could pay attention, which was met with some offended expressions from across the room. He made several other remarks throughout the dinner; some people of considerable conservative influence seated at my table remarked that they wanted to walk out of the room while he spoke.

Before there were “chirpers” there were — gasp! — clinkers! Can a guy who wanted to shut down a bar to hush people up really have his eye on a 2016 presidential run? (Don’t answer that.)

The perfect response to Bush: