It’s the Hollywood attention-seeking strategy that’s all the rage:

  1. Smear conservatives
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

Actor and writer Wil Wheaton tried to pull a half-assed Jim Carrey on Friday, sneering at the “unhinged crazy” on the conservative #TCOT hashtag.

Odd, we don’t recall these upstanding citizens getting an “unhinged crazy” label from Wheaton.

And we’re struggling to find Wheaton’s condemnation of Jim Carrey for calling gun owners “heartless motherf*ckers” whose lives aren’t “worth protecting.”

Venomous tweets from Hollywood don’t elicit a “wow,” but a little chatter about freedom and liberty? That’s “unhinged crazy” talk!

Wheaton bravely pulled a tweet-and-run, refusing to engage anyone to took issue with his tweet.

Fellow actor Adam Baldwin really let Wheaton have it, calling him “a very nice man.”

Wow! Truly unhinged. No wonder Wil didn’t have much to say.