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'They can still poison without fear': Bette Midler unhappy that Kauai didn't outlaw GMOs

Bette Midler is not happy that the Kauai (Hawaii) County Committee on Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations approved a bill that does not prohibit the use of genetically modified organisms. The legislation originally contained language that would place a moratorium on GMOs, but it was amended out of the bill.


The amendments change language in the disclosure and buffer zones provisions, changes the environmental impact study into a joint fact-finding study, and eliminates four provisions; permitting, prohibitions of open-air testing of experimental pesticides, prohibitions on experimental GMOs, and a moratorium on GMOs.

This news is to the dismay of many liberals who want to see GMOs outlawed, even though the organisms are likely saving tens of millions from starvation in underdeveloped countries.

What happened to the Left being for choice?


Bette Midler thinks Kauai is a goner because of GMO testing there

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