During his interview with Chris Wallace on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a succinct and epic response when asked whether enemies of the United States consider President Trump to be vulnerable due to the ongoing impeachment effort.

Full question and answer exchange:

Wallace: Some analysts suggest that the impeachment of President Trump has emboldened enemies like Iran and North Korea to think that they can confront him. Do you think that, as misguided as it may be, that some of our enemies think that this president is more vulnerable because of the impeachment effort?

Pompeo: You should ask Mr. Soleimani.

Wallace: I understand that, but he was going ahead before you killed him. And the question is, do you think that impeachment is emboldening our enemies?

Pompeo: I don’t. I think that our adversaries understand that President Trump and our administration will do the right thing to protect the American people every place that we find risk.


Mic drop.

Here is more from Pompeo’s ‘Fox News Sunday’ appearance.

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