GOP Rep. Will Hurd (Texas), a former intelligence officer and member of the House Intelligence Committee, says he doesn’t understand why there isn’t more outrage over the revelation by Department of Justice IG Michael Horowitz that there were 17 inaccurate pieces of information in the application for the FISA warrant that was used to surveil former Trump campaign official Carter Page.

Hurd: “Whether it was done properly or improperly is not the real question. The real question is why were there 17 lies in this report?”

Horowitz did not rule out bias in his testimony.

Hurd went on to talk about impeachment and chided Democrats for making the process a political one.

As we’ve noted here before, Hurd was by no means a rubber stamp to oppose impeachment when the process began. Nevertheless, after sitting through the Intelligence Committee hearings, spearheaded by Adam Schiff, he found nothing to warrant impeachment.



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