NBC and the Wall Street Journal are out with some new poll results on everything from President Trump’s job approval to the 2020 election. On the surface, the results don’t seem to show many promising signs for the Trump campaign.

It shows him underwater on impeachment.

It shows him trailing in hypothetical matchups with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

CNN uses this poll as evidence that Trump’s base is evaporating.

And while the numbers seem to go heavily against the administration, it’s important to know how they got them.

The poll’s sample size reflects a 43-35 percent tilt toward Democrats. Also, according to the poll results page, a fifth of those surveyed are not even registered to vote.

This is despite NBC trumpeting the results as demonstrating that 46 percent of “registered voters” are determined to vote Trump out.

NBC’s Mark Murray compared the results to the October poll and noted the shift.

But that poll was sampled as 39 Republican and 35 Democrat. Undoubtedly a doubling of the gap between Democrat and Republican is going to have a huge impact on the results.

Who knows what the true nationwide sentiment of voters really is right now, but one thing we do know is a poll of 900 people with a sample size of plus-8 toward Democrats, only 80 percent of the respondents registered to vote and a margin of error of over three percent is hardly a basis from which to draw any certain conclusions.



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