During Sen. Ron Johnson’s appearance on ‘Meet the Press’ Sunday, host Chuck Todd just about lost it when the Wisconsin senator pushed back on his line of questioning by bringing up texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

In the lead-up to Johnson’s response (which was edited out of the clip tweeted by ‘Meet the Press’), Johnson told Todd that he should ask John Brennan (who was also on Sunday’s show) what Peter Strzok meant with his “leaking like mad” text to Lisa Page.

This apparently upset Todd because he immediately started interrupting, raising his voice and chiding Johnson for bringing a “Fox News conspiracy” to his show.

If you watch the entire exchange, Johnson did answer the specific question Todd asked while putting his narrative to bed. Nevertheless, the Left descended into character assassination.

Later on, Todd told John Brennan that Sen. Johnson was “triggered” by the discussion. It was quite apparent that someone on the show was triggered, but it wasn’t Sen. Johnson.



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