As Elizabeth Warren opens up her tour of Iowa ahead of her presumed 2020 run, she is naturally being asked about her DNA test and her deceptive ancestry claims.

She was “glad” someone asked:

There was a sound of muttering from the audience of 575 voters, and Warren let out a sigh. “Yeah, well,” she said. “I’m glad you asked that question. I genuinely am. I’m glad for us to have a chance to talk about it.”

“I am not a person of color; I am not a citizen of a tribe,” she said. “Tribal citizenship is very different from ancestry. Tribes, and only tribes, determine tribal citizenship, and I respect that difference. I grew up in Oklahoma, and like a lot of folks in Oklahoma, we heard stories about our ancestry. When I first ran for public office, Republicans homed in on this part of my history, and thought they could make a lot of hay out of it. A lot of racial slurs, and a lot of ugly stuff. And so my decision was: I’m just gonna put it all out there. Took a while, but just put it all out there.”

Except for that time she claimed she was a person of color.

Should someone tell her that Google exists in Iowa, too?

If it is possible to cast oneself as the victim of her own false claims, Elizabeth Warren is trying desperately to prove it.


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