NBC and the Wall Street Journal published a poll Sunday that reflects President Trump’s job approval and the standing of both parties heading into next month’s midterm election.

You probably won’t hear a whole lot about the results of this poll from the mainstream media.

It appears that the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh has ended up being a net positive for Republicans.

Oh, and the president has his highest approval rating yet in the poll.

Also according to the poll, Republicans have a substantial lead on the economy and trade, and Democrats have a large advantage on health care and a slight lead on immigration.

The RCP average of President Obama’s approval rating was at 45.8 percent at this point in 2010, so it’s probably not a good idea to assume that this poll means the GOP will hold the House of Representatives next month.

However, the Kavanaugh debacle by Democrats, combined with the extremely positive recent economic data, has given Republicans a chance to hold the House (contrary to what many in the media want you to believe) and make gains in the Senate.


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