President Joe Biden snapped at ABC’s Ben Gittleson on the White House lawn yesterday after getting asked about the recent New York Times/Sienna poll that found “64 percent of Democratic voters saying they would prefer a new standard-bearer in the 2024 presidential campaign.”

“Read the polls, Jack,” our elderly president told Ben. “That poll showed that 92% of Democrats, if I ran, would vote for me”:

Watch for yourself:

And here’s CNN’s Kaitlan Collins with the fact check:

“But that’s not what the polling showed. It showed what Ben said, but the 92% number (which @KJP46 also cited incorrectly) comes from Dems who would pick Biden over Trump in a rematch.”

Exactly. We don’t even know if former President Donald Trump will run again and Biden is spinning the 92% number as support today while it’s just what the poll found in a hypothetical match-up two years from now. From the New York Times:

The poll showed that Democratic misgivings about Mr. Biden seemed to mostly melt away when presented with a choice between him and Mr. Trump: 92 percent of Democrats said they would stick with Mr. Biden.

Sorry, Joe. *You* have a problem:

And with today’s inflation number of 9.1%, this is not getting any better for Dems and the White House:



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