William LeGate, remember him? He’s the lib who partnered with David Hogg to take down Mike Lindell and MyPillow.

Anyway, he’s back, and sharing reports from his followers who are booking “fake reservations” around the country to protest Morton’s Steakhouse for calling out the mob who protested in front of its DC restaurant this week because Justice Brett Kavanaugh was inside enjoying his meal:

“I have a feeling there will be many empty Morton’s this weekend…” he tweeted:

He even noted that since D.C.’s Morton’s was already “fully booked,” there were other Morton’s around the country that still had tables available:

But then, Morton’s got smart and started requiring a credit card to book a table:

And then reportedly started canceling fake reservations made through OpenTable:

More triggering! Does he really think OpenTable is going to cave to the mob here? First, he cheered on people to make a fake reservation and now he wants Morton’s punished for figuring out the scheme?

Even worse, LeGate dropped the race card, tweeting “People of color & other minority groups are reporting that they may be being *targeted* by Morton’s Steakhouse with reservation cancellations”:

Yelp also won’t play his game and suspended reviews for Morton’s:

By the way, you STILL can’t buy their liberal pillows. What’s the holdup”



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