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'SOFA-KING' HILARIOUS: J.K. Rowling Once Again Takes on Her Haters as ONLY She Can


Twitchy's managing editor @PolitiBunny has a saying she lives by. She even put it in her Twitter bio:

'Smile at people who hate you.'

This is some really solid advice for everyone. We won't go into all of the reasons it's solid advice, many of those reasons seem obvious. But one of the funniest reasons to do it is that it REALLY pisses them off.


Outside of our favorite chainsaw-wielding bunny, however, one person who totally gets this concept is J.K. Rowling. 

We've covered Rowling often at Twitchy and how she -- a lifelong liberal -- became public enemy number one for the trans activists (TAs) simply because she knows that men are men and women are women. And no drugs, surgeries, or 'affirmations' will ever change that biological fact.

This weekend, Rowling was at it again, taking on the TAs in a way that had us (if you will pardon the rhyming) HOWLING. 

It all started simply enough. Rowling saw one TA comparing biological sex to chairs -- yes, chairs -- and quoted the comment with a sarcastic tweet about what it takes to be 'progressive' these days. 

Notwithstanding the fact that it is remarkably easy to define a chair -- while leftists continue to not be able to define a woman -- this might be one of the most stunningly obtuse analogies we have ever seen. It's as bad as The Gay Times claiming that men can become women because banana slugs are hermaphroditic.

Rowling's initial tweet was outstanding, showing once again that the gender cult is perfectly OK with erasing the entire identity of women. But she was just getting started. 

One of her supporters chimed in by sarcastically asking what inanimate object women were being compared to lately and that's when Rowling started to bring out out the big comedy guns. 


LOL. A Monty Python sketch has officially kicked off. 

It was the part about filming her meltdown video in the car that was the chef's kiss icing on the cake. 

She wasn't done. 

The clapping in between each word tho...

Is there a finger-snapping emoji? That's the only one that could have topped the claps. 

Next, Rowling was asked about the features included in her sofa (which seems sort of objectifying, if you ask us). 

Continuing with the Monty Python theme, this would be the point where the late Graham Chapman would step in to try to put a stop to everything. 

But Rowling wasn't ready to stop yet. Especially after someone had the audacity to question whether she was tall enough to even BE a chaise lounge. 


The horror. 

And someone dared even to suggest she was only suitable for her dogs. 

Now, that's just rude. Especially after all the work Rowling put in to achieve her status as a self-identified sofa. 

You don't get to identify as a sofa just by lounging around, you know. 

It was clear that Rowling was getting upset by all these people challenging her and not affirming her as a sofa, so finally, she had to put a stop to it. 

We SO want to know what she was going to type, but she wouldn't tell. All she would reveal was this hint:

Yikes. Now we REALLY need to know, LOL.

But as much fun as Rowling was having with all of this, her posts do serve to illustrate a serious point. Anyone claiming that men can be women or women can be men is making an absurdist argument. And it deserves to be responded to with mockery, sarcasm, and absurdity. 

We just love how GOOD Rowling is at it. 


She is a treasure. 

Misogyny is such an outdated concept. The only thing that matters anymore to the TAs is if you're 'transphobic' or not. Or if you're a 'TERF.'

Rowling is a billionaire and earned every penny. It gives her a LOT of freedom to speak the truth. She is the living definition of 'FU money.'


And that's why we love J.K. Rowling.


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