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'Conservative' David French Predictably Denounces Having the Ten Commandments in Classrooms


Earlier this week, Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed into law a new requirement for the state's public schools to display the Ten Commandments in every classroom. Advocates for the bill have argued that the Ten Commandments are 'foundational documents of our state and national government.'


The law does not take effect until the beginning of the 2025 school year, so we can expect many legal challenges between now and then. Predictably, the left has blown a gasket about the law, most notably California Governor Gavin Newsom, who loves to focus on any state except his own (for obvious reasons), and California Rep. Eric Swalwell (who likes to block users like this writer from his official government account on Twitter, even though that is illegal). 

But Democrats know that everyone will mock them for their predictable hissy fits, so when issues like this come up, they LOVE to turn to fake conservatives to defend their positions. 

Hey, this sounds like a job for David French. 

Yes, as if on command (because it probably was), French immediately penned an op-ed for The New York Times decrying the law and arguing how having God in classrooms is not a conservative position. 

After falsely talking about First Amendment violations, French ends his column with a personal story: 

Altering constitutional law is not the only motivation here; a version of Christian mysticism is also in play. There is a real belief that the Ten Commandments have a form of spiritual power over the hearts and minds of students and that posting the displays can change their lives. 

I'm an evangelical Christian who believes in God and the divine inspiration of Scripture, but I do not believe that documents radiate powers of personal virtue. I happened to grow up in Kentucky and went to classes before the Ten Commandments were ordered removed, and I can testify that the displays had no impact on our lives. My classmates and I were not better people because of the faded framed posters on the walls.


Well, David, if the Ten Commandments will make no difference, then why do you have a problem with displaying the document? Are you worried it might obscure some of the Pride flags and BLM signs? 

Needless to say, no one was buying what French was selling because no one buys that French is a conservative. He sold out those principles long ago to maintain his acceptance from the journo class and their cocktail parties. And for a paycheck. 

LOL, 'turdmuffin.' And no, no one has. French has set the land speed record for that.

It's not that the left is against religion in classrooms. It's just that they want THEIR religion -- the cult of woke -- to be the only religion on display. 

And yes, it is accurate that French has called Drag Queen Story Hour 'one of the blessings of liberty.'


Not a good look, Dave. 

French's 'god' is Dylan Mulvaney. 

We want to laugh at that, except for the fact that it will inevitably happen. 

The court challenges will be significant. As French DOES correctly note in his article, SCOTUS ruled against a law much like this one in Kentucky back in 1980 in the case of Stone v. Graham.

Then again, Roe v. Wade was also Supreme Court precedent for 50 years ... until it wasn't.

French would be polishing it, except in 2024, the calf is rainbow-colored, not golden. 


HAHAHA. OK, now THAT is funny. 

This will undoubtedly be one of the arguments made in defense of the Louisiana law when the court challenges happen. 

You may be on to something there. 

He has practically become a meme at this point. 

We conservatives are always letting French down, aren't we? 

That's a very good point, Father. It will be lost on French, but it is still a very good point. 


They are outstanding rules to live by. And now you know why the left -- and pretend conservatives like David French -- hate them.

But we're looking forward to the arguments made during the court battles ... on both sides. We have a strong feeling that many people are going to tell us who they really are during those arguments. 

We are prepared to believe them. 


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