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TikTok Bans Jennifer Sey for Ad Protecting Women's Sports, Riley Gaines Makes It Go Viral

AP Photo/Darren Abate

Of all of the people fighting to save women's sports and protect women's spaces, we probably don't cover Jennifer Sey enough. Twitchy readers know about Sey, the former Levi-Strauss executive who was being groomed to run the company, but then got ousted because she spoke out against COVID lockdowns, particularly the restrictions placed on children. Later, Sey wrote about how it is wrong for everyone to say COVID is over. What she meant was that COVID will never truly be over for children who suffered learning loss, for people who lost their businesses, for people who became addicted, for those who lost loved ones and couldn't even attend their funerals, and so many more. 


But Sey isn't just dedicated to making sure that the government can never do that to us again. She has also spoken out fiercely against men playing in women's sports and men invading women's private spaces. As an experienced clothing executive -- and a former national champion in gymnastics -- Sey also knew she was in a position to do something about it, so she founded the XX-XY Athletics clothing brand this year. The company's mission statement is simple: 

We are unapologetic about our goal. We are here to protect women’s sports and spaces.

We believe women deserve the opportunities that sports and single sex spaces provide.
· The opportunity to thrive — in athletics and education.
· Access to privacy and safety.
· The benefits of participating in sports – healthy self-esteem, positive body image, confidence, resilience.
· The chance to compete. And a fair chance to win.

As a company just getting off the ground, it's natural that XX-XY would need a strong marketing campaign to boost brand, mission, and product awareness. Sey recruited a strong team of brand ambassadors to help with that, including swimmers Riley Gaines and Paula Scanlan, outspoken gender transition critic Chloe Cole, educator and opponent of DEI Dr. Tabia Lee, and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing Adam Coleman. 

With a strong team in place, XX-XY began running advertisements. 

'Stand Up' is one of the first of those ads and it is a powerful message about protecting women's rights. So, of course, TikTok had to ban it ... and ban the company. 

Watch the ad below: 


Nothing in the ad, even the news reports, is untrue. But it tells a truth that trans activists and the gender cult don't want people to know. So, TikTok labeled it 'offensive content.'

This is so insidious. How gracious of TikTok to offer to help Sey 'revise' her ad so they won't permanently ban her company. 

You can guess the reaction from Twitter, with many people offering to help promote the ad on the only social media platform left that even resembles free speech. 

This was effective and the ad quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views on Twitter in a couple of days. 

Then, Riley Gaines stepped in.

Gaines tweeted that last night. This morning, in the span of just over 12 hours, the ad now has 1.7 million views and more than 18,000 retweets ... and both numbers are still climbing.


Seems like not that many people find it 'offensive' at all, TikTok. 

Other prominent figures like Dr. Jordan Peterson and actor James Woods also shared it, adding hundreds of thousands more views. 

And it wasn't just views. The replies to Sey, Gaines, and so many other retweets included many people who were placing orders.

This is the way.

TikTok's attempted censorship is even more repulsive when you consider that Sey's ad violated its 'standards,' but the platform welcomes videos from child groomers like Jeffrey Marsh. 


The agenda is transparent and it is disgusting. 

But it's always great to see that the censorship does not work and usually backfires. This time in the form of people who stated their commitment, as the ad says, to 'Stand Up.'

The tide is turning against erasing women, erasing women's sports, and putting women in danger. 

The people who run TikTok can ban ads all they want, but they can't stop it.

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