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As if Tony Fauci didn't already display his sadism for the world to see with his puppy torture experiments and mandating lockdowns, masks, and vaccines for all Americans during COVID, he recently decided he wanted to punish the world even more by writing an autobiography. 


Great. Can we choose waterboarding instead? 

That autobiography hits bookshelves today, where it will certainly be gobbled up by the narcissistic Fauci himself, his media lapdogs, and ... well, no one else.

Then again, maybe we should give it a chance. According to The Hill, the 480-page paean to smug self-satisfaction contains some real bombshells. For instance, did you know that Donald Trump once -- GASP -- yelled at Fauci using the F-bomb?

Oh, but it's true. (Well, maybe. This is Fauci after all, so there's really nothing he doesn't lie about.)

Former chief White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci revealed in a forthcoming book that former President Trump dropped expletives during a 2020 phone call with him during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fauci recounted in a new autobiography that Trump dropped numerous expletives in the call just three months into the pandemic, according to reports from The New York Times and The Daily Beast. 

The Daily Beast reported that the rants included Trump screaming f-bombs at Fauci multiple times, according to the copy of the book obtained by the outlet.

'The president was irate, saying that I could not keep doing this to him,' Fauci wrote, according to the Times. 'He said he loved me, but the country was in trouble, and I was making it worse.'


That's only because you WERE making it worse, garden gnome. 

Still though ... wow. This is some Earth-shattering stuff. The only problem we can see here is that Trump didn't also FIRE Fauci while shouting expletives at him.

While we'd love to show how ALL of Twitter reacted to this breaking news ... ahem ... Twitter is Twitter, so we had to exclude most of the responses that ALSO included liberal use of the F-bomb, LOL. 

But here are some of the more family-friendly reactions. 

See? Kristi knows how to create content that Twitchy can use, LOL. 

HA. We guess Trump now has to go sit in the bathroom with a bar of Lifebuoy in his mouth. 

The Hill has been dropping so many desperate Trump hit pieces in the past 48 hours, you'd think something terrible must have happened. Like, you know, ancient fossil Joe Biden freezing again and having to be led off-stage at his own fundraiser.


The general mood, understandably, was that Fauci deserved SO much worse. 

The man really is a monster. 

He wants to police and rule over everything else about America, why not our choice of words? 

Something tells us that Fauci's own unforgivable sins are not covered in his autobiography (which goes back to the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s where he also had a pretty awful record). 

Don't give the left and people like Merrick Garland any ideas. They're ALREADY trying to send him to jail for having sex with a porn star. 


He could have used both words. As in, 'Your effin' fired.' That would have been even better.

It's a good thing that 'decency was on the ballot' and America elected Biden, who would never have thought about using such harsh language. 

Oh, wait ...

Of course. The media loves it when Biden does it. Because that's (D)ifferent.

LOL. We haven't seen that GIF in a long time, but it's perfect here. This scandal will surely win The Hill a Pulitzer. 

A multi-billion-dollar media conglomerate owns it, that's how. 


We see what you did there, Bane. 

HAHAHA. Who doesn't? 

Oh, you can be sure that plenty of people had fates worse than prison in mind for Fauci. But again, Twitchy is family-friendly. You can use your imagination. 

In the end, Larry David probably summed up Twitter's reaction to this 'breaking news' the best:

Yep. What he said. 

We do look forward, however, to the inevitable plunging of Fauci's autobiography to the bottom of the clearance bin at Barnes & Noble. 

But he could have at least released it during the winter when we could have used the kindling.


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