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REEEEEEEE: Konstantin Kisin Posts Clip from 'An Irreverent Feminist Manifesto' and We Are DYING


Sometimes, Twitchy readers, we come across something so funny that we have to share it with you, no matter the context. 

That was the case today when we ran across the timeline of Konstantin Kisin, the Russian-British satirist, author, and podcast host of Triggernometry.  


Kisin posted a clip from BBC Newsnight that was so hilarious, we still have not stopped laughing. 

We'll let you watch it without context at first and we think you'll agree: 

RRREEEEEEEEEEE. LOL. We're still not entirely sure what we just saw. 

OK, now for the context. This clip, and the play that is featured in it, are both 10 years old. 

Yes, believe it or not, this is how the 2014 play 'Sirens' actually opened. In the same year, the BBC featured the play on its airwaves, including this self-described 'scream-singing.' 

But, given the fact that many women today are spending thousands of dollars to go on 'rage retreats,' we thought it was a pretty relevant commentary on the state of feminism in 2024. 

We don't blame him (or her). 

Well, unlike cats, dogs just want to get along with everyone. Even crazy people. 


What was even WRITTEN on those pages? "Now, act out like a bunch of chimpanzees in the zoo"? 

We're glad we're not the only ones who thought that. 

We're not sure if even Monty Python ever came up with something quite this silly. 

If only the play had opened a few years later, they could have all worn pink hats. 

HAHAHA. Yes, in case you missed Twitchy's coverage this morning, the third episode of Disney's Star Wars show The Acolyte was a complete dumpster fire exactly along these lines

Don't give Kathleen Kennedy any ideas. 

Twitchy's own Dave Gordon had another, nostalgic take on this 'song' and the fond memories it sparked. 


Duck and cover, kids. The Russians have launched the nukes. 

OOF. If it's a choice between these women screeching for hours on end and waterboarding, we'll take waterboarding. 

A dozen or so Yoko Onos all screaming at once is now going to haunt our nightmares. 

We're glad she's not around to witness this. 

We're not sure who that host is, but he was clearly following one of the prime rules of the Internet: If he had to hear it, so did we. 


LOL. There are some MEAN people on Twitter. 

Somehow, we don't think these 'Sirens' lured too many women to the cause. 

And there it is. The perfect GIF for this clip. 

We understand that the word 'irreverent' accompanies this, but even if the 'Sirens' play was meant to be satire (and we don't think it truly was), we couldn't think of a better encapsulation of fourth-wave feminism if we tried. 

Part of us wants to punch Konstantin Kisin for inflicting this old video on us today but mostly, we just want to thank him -- and the rest of Twitter -- for the laughs. 


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