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BYE-BYE, WILL: Twitter Cheers as Court Rules That Men Cannot Swim Against Women in Olympics

We feel sad sometimes that we have to celebrate victories that were basically common sense only five minutes ago. But we can't change how we got into Clown WorldTM, we can only fight our way out of it and back to normalcy. 


With that in mind, today was a HUGE win for Team Sanity, as a Swiss court ruled that no, Lia Thomas, you cannot swim against women in the Olympics. 

Because, you see, you are a man. 


The New York Post made similar factual errors in its article covering this story, so we'll provide corrections [in brackets] to the excerpt below: 

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas failed in her [*his] challenge against rules that stop her [*him] from competing in elite women’s races because judges ruled she [*he] did not have standing to bring the case.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport panel of three judges dismissed Thomas’ request for arbitration with the World Aquatics governing body, in a ruling released Wednesday.

World Aquatics banned transgender women [*men] who have been through male puberty from competing in women’s races. It also created an 'open' category for which transgender athletes would be eligible.

But Thomas -- who couldn't have SNIFFED the Olympics competing as a man against other men -- doesn't want to be part of any 'open' category. He wants to compete against women. Because he is a cheater. 


Now, he gets to watch the Olympics from his sofa, like he deserves.

It will come as no surprise who was one of the first people to come out and applaud the Court of Arbitration for Sport for its sane and rational decision:

If anyone deserves to celebrate, it is Gaines and her fellow swimmers like Paula Scanlon and the Roanoke College women's swim team who were victimized by the 'trans athlete' madness. 

But Gaines wasn't done there, not by a long shot. 

Indeed, this is at the heart of the federal lawsuit Gaines and other female athletes have filed against the NCAA

Many other women cheered the common sense ruling as well. 


As Gaines and Scanlon have recounted in their stories about Thomas, any of the women who ever questioned his competing against them or his undressing in their locker rooms, were told that THEY needed psychological counseling. 

Can you blame any of them for giving this court decision a standing ovation? 

Many others, however, (as this writer has done) took The New York Post to task for continuing to prop up the lie by using female pronouns for Thomas.


We get those criticisms, and they are all justified and necessary. But today was a day to relish the win. So, while Twitter continues to rightfully excoriate the Post and reporter Chris Nesi for saying 'she' and 'her,' we'll return to those who were happy about the victory. 

Thomas isn't nearly good enough. 

The communities united against the insanity of 'gender ideology' are SO much bigger than the trans activists who support it. But those TAs have infected the leadership of many institutions. We're just pleased the Court of Arbitration for Sport isn't one of them. 


We're enjoying it a lot too. So are many other men. 

And while this is a win for everyone, most directly it is a win for women. So, we're happy to give them the spotlight here in celebration. Especially the ones who have been the bravest in fighting against this obvious injustice and craziness. 

There's still much more fighting to be done everywhere to save women's sports, but it is happening, slowly but surely.

So, as much as we wish this win never had to take place, we'll appreciate it all the more that it did.


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