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Alexandria Brown LAYS WASTE to NRO Editorial Blaming Republicans for Democrats' Ohio Ballot Gaffe


One thing we know well at Twitchy is that great conservative thought comes in all shapes and sizes. While we may focus more on the Ben Shapiros and Thomas Massies of the Twitter landscape because of their huge reach, we spend enough time on the platform to know that there are smaller accounts -- such as @ianmckelvey and @lone_rides who we have often featured in the past -- who have just as much to offer fellow conservatives. 


And WHOO, BABY, when we saw this thread from Alexandria Brown (a.k.a., @alexthechick) on Twitter today, we just had to share it with our readers. 

By now, you know that -- due to their own incompetence -- Democrats are in danger of not having Joe Biden on the 2024 presidential ballot in Ohio. More recently, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine seems to be bending over backwards to help Democrats out of the hole they dug for themselves, calling a special session of the legislature to make an exception for Biden. 

DeWine clearly has never read Sun Tzu: 'Never interrupt your opponent while he is in the middle of making a mistake.'

This morning, the editors at National Review Online (NRO) stepped into the controversy, and guess who they blamed? Yep, Republicans. In its editorial, NRO accused Republicans of being 'mulish,' 'appalling,' and 'spiteful,' even going so far as to say it is Republicans who are denying Biden a spot on the ballot, despite the fact that Ohio's rules have been in place since 2010.

This was, understandably, a bridge too far for Brown, who proceeded to EVISCERATE NRO's editorial in a detailed and devastating thread. 

Republicans are not 'weaponizing' anything in Ohio. Democrats are ignoring the rules. It is, frankly, that simple and no more nuanced than that. 


The fact that Democrats scheduled their convention after the deadline is no one's fault but Democrats.

'Guano ingesting, mercury nitrate hat wearing, lead paint munching insane.'

We usually reserve such beautifully descriptive invective for the left. But when National Review earns it, what can we say? Let 'em have it. 

Ahem. We'll let the readers draw their own conclusions about which option to choose there.


The editorial even encourages Ohio voters to punish Republicans at the ballot booth if they don't fix the Democrats' problem for them. Talk about appalling. 

It does not respect the intelligence of any conservative. 

It would be perfectly fine to suggest -- as Brown did above -- that the problem gets fixed. But the editorial goes way past that line into telling Republicans 'It's your fault.' That's inexcusable. 

Many on Twitter agreed. 

It would be a damn good newsletter, for sure. 

Ouch. That's just a little TOO accurate. 


She wouldn't be alone. 

Again, as Brown points out, the problem CAN be remedied without Republicans showing their throat to Democrats. 

It's almost as if the editorial was written by the board at The Washington Post and not NRO. 

We particularly loved the colorful language. 


More like a plastic spork, but we agree with the sentiment. 

Bending over is not a strategy for winning. Too many in the GOP don't realize this yet. 

And finally, there is one more issue that NRO conveniently left out of its editorial: 


Imagine that. 

It's like the left demanding that Israel enter into a ceasefire while Hamas is still firing rockets into Israeli cities and onto Israeli civilians. 

Even if Republicans DO enact the legislative fix (and they probably will), Democrats will STILL oppose it. And they will STILL blame Republicans for it.

Maybe NRO should have considered that before deciding to place the blame for Ohio entirely on Republicans' shoulders. 

We know there are still some good conservatives at NRO. But, like Alexandria Brown, we're a little tired of them always seeming to blame Republicans whenever the opportunity arises.

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