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Julie Kelly DEMOLISHES Two-Tiered 'Justice' System With Case of a Violent Hamas Protester

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

There is probably not a single person in the United States who does not know the significance of the date January 6. That's what happens when you have an apparatchik media hammering home a nonsense 'insurrection' narrative for years. Not to mention politicians who say -- with a straight face -- that this date was worse than the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11 combined. Add to that a corrupt court system in the District of Columbia handing out hundreds of years in prison for protesters, most of whom did nothing violent on that day. 


But we're willing to bet that almost no one in America knows the date November 15. 

To refresh your memory, November 15 was the night when astroturf pro-Hamas protesters stormed the DNC building in Washington, D.C. Yes, they broke the law, many laws. Yes, they acted violently. Yes, they attacked Capitol Police officers, injuring many. And yes, the media and politicians made just as big a deal about this date as they have about January 6. 

Caught you. We were just kidding about that last part. The media and Democrats have completely ignored November 15, just like they have tried to memory-hole the ultra-violent 'Summer of Love' George Floyd riots in 2020. 

But Julie Kelly remembers. Julie Kelly always remembers. Last night, the reporter who has done more to expose the corruption about the January 6 trials than anyone else completely eviscerated the two-tiered justice system we have in America with a devastating thread about Ruben Camacho. 

Bet you don't know who Camacho is either. That's not an accident. 

Camacho wrestled with a female Capitol Police officer and punched her in the face. Yes, punched her in the face. Was he charged by the feds with 'domestic terrorism'? Was he placed in D.C. jail for years without rights awaiting trial? Was his name smeared by the media relentlessly? 


If you answered 'No' to all those questions, congratulations. You win the Twitchy prize for the day. 

The rest of this second tweet in the thread reads: 

Camacho did not have to face Judge Beryl Howell or Judge Tim Kelly or Judge Royce Lamberth in the DC federal courthouse. Camacho was not denied release from jail pending trial or plea; he was not condemned as an "insurrectionist" or "domestic terrorist" by federal prosecutors. 

No, because Camacho participated in a protest sanctioned and funded by Democrats, he got a slap on the wrist:

No detention. No jail time. Forty-eight hours of community service and six months of probation for Camacho. After assaulting an officer. 

As a reminder, Matthew Perna -- who committed NO violent acts on January 6 -- committed suicide after the feds threatened him with up to 20 years in prison. 

Kelly continued her thread:


In fact, no one has ever heard of Camacho until now.

No harsh coverage at NBC News or WashPo or CNN about how a Democratic Party activist punched a female cop in the face.

Ryan Samsel did far less than that to Ofc. Caroline Edwards but he was incarcerated for 3 years denied release awaiting his trial.

Nope, Camacho only has to perform 48 hours of community service in DC then his case goes bye bye.

Oh, look at that. They also said he couldn't go near the DNC headquarters during his probationary period. 

Wow. Talk about dropping the hammer.

And don't worry, anyone else who was arrested for violence on November 15. You'll be getting the same slap on the wrist. 

Not a single Hamasurrectionist--including those who assaulted police--will face federal charges. 

Please, Merrick Garland, tell us again how the DOJ never considers politics when deciding who and what to charge.

Yes, Mr. Garland. Explain that one to America, if you please. 

He won't. 

Geri Perna is Matthew Perna's aunt. She has decried the January 6 witch hunts every since her nephew was arrested and subsequently took his own life. And she has every reason to be furious.


We've had some issues with Vivek Ramaswamy when he was running for President, but he is 100 percent correct here. And it will never be fixed while Joe Biden and Merrick Garland are in office. 

We haven't even talked in this article about the prosecution of pro-lifers for doing nothing, while those who firebomb and vandalize churches and crisis pregnancy centers get off scot-free under Biden's DOJ. It's the same banana republic corruption and selective prosecution as January 6, just dressed up a little differently. 


John Cameron did not assault anyone on January 6 or 'break in' to the Capitol. He was never charged with that. He was charged with one misdemeanor count of (get this) 'parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.' And yes, he got jail time. 

At his sentencing -- where the corrupt Judge Thomas Hogan told him he 'got off lucky' -- Cameron recited the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Good for him. 

The evidence of that is now overwhelming, no matter what Garland or Christopher Wray say on 60 Minutes. 

Fanone, who shed many crocodile tears in his testimony before the January 6 committee, has not said one word about his fellow Capitol Police officers being violently assaulted on November 15 by pro-Hamas rioters. 

Imagine that. 

If we've said it once, we've said it 1,000 times: Animal Farm and 1984 were not meant to be playbooks for the Democrats. 


We're beginning to believe everyone in Garland's DOJ really DOES have that chart issued to them. 

As outraged as we are -- and as every American should be -- about the system of INJUSTICE that Biden has instituted in the United States, we are eternally grateful for Kelly's reporting. 

Because if she wasn't telling us about these abominations to equal justice under the law, very few other people would be.

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