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OH, FFS: NBC Universal Teases 'Queer Planet' Documentary About Gay and Transgender Animals


In case you were wondering if the alphabet gender cult will ever stop pushing their insanity on the rest of the world, rest assured, they will not. 

But here's how you know that they are losing and they are desperate. Not satisfied with their failing attempts to 'trans' every child in the world, they are now pushing their propaganda through the animal kingdom. 


Yes, believe it or not, NBC Universal has announced a new documentary, Queer Planet, to debut during 'Pride Month' (because, of course) which explores all the instances of LGBTQ+ among the fauna of the world. 

Watch the trailer: 

... sigh ... 

While it is true that different sexual behaviors and characteristics do exist in the animal world, this special is clearly meant to 'normalize' every letter of LGBTQIA+ in humans. 

Except the documentary forgets one important factor: animals are not humans. 

We don't plan to. And by the reaction on Twitter, not many other people plan to either. 

Anyone who thinks it is a stretch to say that this documentary reeks of Communism clearly has not met many Communists. There is no norm they will not try to destroy. None. 


For those who don't know, James Lindsay gained a lot of fame when he, Peter Boghossian, and Helen Pluckrose wrote a 'scholarly' research paper in 2018, called 'Dog Park: Human Reactions to Rape Culture and Queer Performativity in Urban Dog Parks in Portland, Oregon.' They even got the paper published in a prominent gender studies journal. 

Here's the punchline: they made it all up. None of it was real. They even used a fictional author, Helen Wilson, PhD. Their goal was to show the corruption of academic and 'scientific' journals that published only what supported their narratives, not papers that were scientifically accurate, academically rigorous, or contained even a single fact. 

They succeeded. And NBC's documentary takes that corruption of science even further.

The rest of Twitter was content to simply mock the ludicrous documentary, as it deserves. 

LOL. Leave it to Holly Briden to cite the infamous 'suicide' myth surrounding trans children. 


Please don't give Hollywood any ideas. Some purple-haired intern is probably storyboarding this movie as we speak. 

As far as we know, chimps don't create fake genitalia (or chop off real ones) because one of the young chimps likes having red lips after eating some berries. 

Funny how 'tolerance' so quickly morphed into 'celebrate us every day of your life or you are a bigot,' isn't it? 

HA. OK, that one made this writer spit out his drink. 

We still can't forget the time a gender cult activist tried to claim that men can become women because seahorses and banana slugs can do it (sort of). Yes ... seahorses and banana slugs


We're afraid if we roll our eyes at this program, they will never stop rolling. Ever. 

They don't care if it's a real thing. They've got a twisted narrative to push. 

This may be the first program in television history to achieve a negative viewership number. 

We're actually kind of surprised that one hasn't happened yet. 

It's the only way to be sure. 

Shows like Queer Planet are probably the reason that the aliens HAVEN'T made contact with us. We're too stupid to experiment on. 


They didn't think their comparisons through, did they? 

No. No, no, no, no, no, no ... NO. 

But yes. They will try that soon. Count on it. And we will be here to mock them into oblivion when they do. 

For now, we think this reaction sums it up best: 

Thank you for that. You gave us our headline.

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