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Oh Honey, NO: Joy Behar Tries to Claim That Biden Cares MORE About His Grandchildren Than Trump

We really need to stop lowering the bar for the brain trust that hosts The View. We have lowered it so far already that it currently lies at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. And yes, they still manage to find a way to slither under it nearly every day. 


The latest rake-stepping comment from the ABC harpies comes from Joy Behar, who was speaking to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on the show yesterday. The topic was climate change, but Behar, of course, still found a way to make it all about Donald Trump. 

Sadly for her, in doing so, she made one of the most unintentionally hilarious claims we have heard in a while ... and that's saying something. Watch: 

Hey, Joy: how many grandchildren does Joe Biden have that he cares about so much? Do you know the number? Does he? 

Poor Navy Joan. It's not her fault who her father or her grandfather is. As we've said countless times in the past, we hope she never meets ANYONE in the Biden family ... for her own sake. 

It's also pretty despicable of Behar to claim that Trump 'doesn't care about his grandchildren.' She has no idea what that relationship is (by all available evidence, it is much more positive than the Biden family). And all because he doesn't want to waste trillions on climate boondoggles.



She irrationally hates him SO much. It's quite hilarious (for us, that is; for Behar, it is just sad and pathetic). 

Nah, let her cook. 

Will the Presidential candidate who knows all his grandkids' names and hangs a stocking up for all of them at Christmas please take two steps forward? 

Ah, ah, ah ... not so fast, Pedo Peter.

Yikes. Maybe the problem with Biden is that he loves his progeny TOO much ... and way too inappropriately. 

We DO NOT want to know the answer to that question. 


We're pretty happy for Major and Commander, actually. They managed to escape the abusive home the Bidens kept them in which caused them to start biting anyone and everyone. 

We only wish they had given the guy in the Oval Office a good nip on his tuchus on their way out the door. 


These days? Biden is so gone he probably couldn't even pick HIMSELF out of a lineup. 

Of course, the embarrassing comment about grandchildren aside, Behar and Granholm are also wrong on the facts. 

As usual, Twitter is FAR more informed than either the hosts of The View or the sitting Energy Secretary of the United States. 


Hey, just trust the Sunny Hostin science, OK? 

Funny how the hosts never asked Greta Thunberg about that tweet when they had her on the show last year. 

Of COURSE, they didn't ask Granholm about that. But it is still amazing to us (in the worst way possible) that the daily clown car known as The View is a part of the ABC News division. 

The news in the movie Idiocracy wasn't as dimwitted as The View. 

But at least they provide us with endless laughs, albeit unintentionally. 

This tweet summarized the entire episode rather succinctly: 

LOL. Dammit. You stole our headline. 

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