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Beg your pardon? General Hayden suggests assassination of sitting U.S. Senator

U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has been holding up Biden-nominated military promotions since the end of August. For Tubeville, this hold is based on two principles: protesting the military's paid abortion services and his objections to Biden's nominees as 'woke' and more interested in social justice, race, and gender issues instead of actually serving the needs of America and the military.


Tuberville has been taking heat for his stance from the usual suspects: the left and the U.S. security state (sorry, that's redundant). But since Hamas terrorists attacked Israel over the weekend, killing civilians and taking hostages, including American citizens, that heat just escalated to a frightening point.

Last night, retired NSA and CIA director General Michael Hayden publicly suggested that Tuberville be killed for his stance. Because that's totally a sane thing that someone who is not a wannabe autocratic oligarch would say (turn on your sarcasm detectors if they aren't already).

WTF? Hayden was responding to a question from Nathalie Jacoby, who simply asked whether Tuberville should be removed from the Armed Services Committee for his stance. Apparently, that wasn't enough for Hayden, who suggested assassination.

Thanks to Mollie Hemingway for reminding everyone exactly who Hayden is. He promoted fictional Russia collusion, he lied about the Hunter Biden laptop, and previously at NSA was responsible for warrantless wiretapping of Americans (thanks, Patriot Act) and the failed Trailblazer Project online surveillance program. And oh, by the way, he is also on record saying that he doesn't believe in the Fourth Amendment and that probable cause is not required for all searches and seizures.


This says nothing about his record at the CIA, where he was accused of lying to Congress under oath about enhanced interrogations, and where he engineered a drone strike program based on minimal evidence (remember Obama droning weddings and other civilians?).

Let's just say his scruples may not be of the highest order. In fact, we've seen Mafia members with a less horrific rap sheet.

Yeah, you think? Actually, another word comes to mind as well.

We're old enough to remember when people who broke some windows at the Capitol and said mean things about Mike Pence were charged with sedition. So, when does Hayden get tossed into DC jail?

That would be nice. But under Chris Wray and Merrick Garland, we wouldn't hold our breath. 

It's difficult to tell the difference between a retired four-star USAF general and a terrorist organization. So, that's fairly terrifying.


Yeah, we'll be hanging on to our Constitutionally protected firearms, thank you very much.

A bit Animal Farm-ish, isn't it?

To cap it all off, let's remember one of Hayden's crowning achievements:

His entire history as an intelligence officer in Washington is pretty much a giant failure or worse.

Look, we hold no anticipation that Hayden will be arrested, as he should be. But he, along with other ex-intelligence officials who lie for a living to earn a network paycheck (looking at you, James Clapper and John Brennan), should absolutely have their security clearances revoked. Forever.


Biden will never do that in between his naptimes, but the next president absolutely can and should. Because Hayden has disgraced himself.

Oh, and George Mason University? You should fire him too.


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