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'Children are prime targets': Tim Ballard testifies on the human cost of a broken border policy (watch)

Courtesy of Angel Studios Inc.

The broken U.S. border policy is a topic that gets discussed every day in America. But while we often talk about the the economic cost and, of course, the political cost of the border crisis, one area does not get mentioned enough: the human cost. 


Who better to do that than real-life hero Tim Ballard, whose story was the subject of the successful film, 'Sound of Freedom.' This week, Ballard testified before the House Homeland Security Committee in support of the Secure Act, legislation proposed by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), which would require federal agencies to locate missing children at the border. 

His opening statement about the human cost of a failed border policy was, in short, devastating. 

There is a lot to digest here, but it starts with the most horrifying number. 'We must begin with finding the 85,000 missing unaccompanied children, which this administration claims is not their problem anymore,' Ballard stated, adding that this number is directly traceable to the decision by the Biden administration to stop taking fingerprints or performing background checks on adults who come to 'sponsor' unaccompanied minors at the border. The administration said they did that to ease the fears of adults worried about being deported. Ballard, on the other hand, called that decision 'despicable.'


85,000 children. And it gets worse from there, as Ballard outlined what can happen to just one person subject to trafficking over the course of many years:

A child can be sold up to 20 times per day, six days a week for ten years or even longer if they are trafficked as a toddler or infant. In one case in particular, a young woman was brought across the border at an area where no barriers or protections existed. Her captors brought her to New York City where once in the U.S., she was sold and [sexually assaulted] for money up to 30-40 times a day for five years before eventually escaping.

If you are feeling nauseated by that account, you should be. We are. 

Soulless indeed. It's difficult to imagine anything worse than a government that ignores this human tragedy. But Washington seems to be ignoring it, that's for sure. Maybe Ballard's testimony can change that. 

Then again, let's not forget how Ballard and 'Sound of Freedom' were greeted by many in our equally soulless media. 


Twitchy covered Rolling Stone's reaction as well as many other extremely disturbing takes from the media about the movie. But we can only hope they might change their tune after hearing from Ballard himself this week. That is assuming that they did, in fact, listen to him.

That is a very good question. Why are the media and so many prominent Democrats dead set against hearing about this issue, either in the movie or directly from Ballard? Yes, Ballard pulled no punches in declaring the Biden administration responsible for the current situation. But he would have done the same if this was happening under a Republican president. It's not a left or right issue for him, it is a life or death issue (or, in many cases, fates worse than death). That's what it should be for everyone. 

Here are some final words from Ballard this week in support of the Secure Act: 


I propose to you that foreign children are children of God, just as much as any American child is a child of God. And they deserve the exact same protection that any U.S. child should deserve. Background checks, DNA, run the whole gambit ... thanks to Congressman Smith and the sponsors of this bill, we're going to go find those children. And we're going to prevent any other child from being subjected to what is really slavery in our nation.

To that, we can only add, 'Amen and Godspeed.'


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