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NPR Reporter: 'Ackshually, We're Pretty Great'

Townhall Media

By now, you've probably heard about the NPR mini-scandal when a 25 year veteran and liberal reporter, Uri Berliner, became a whistleblower. Although we all knew it, we were shown just how trapped in their titanium covered, bomb-shelter thick ideological bubble they are. This was made even more apparent when we learned about the CEO, who apparently is the pure, distilled essence of every woke ideology you can pick up in a Grievance Studies department.


As if to prove just how impervious self-reflection they are, NPR reporter Brian Mann weighed in with this Tweet. 

Trolling or serious? Does it really matter at this point? Also it's "paywall", not "firewall", so learning to code is probably not a good choice.

Race and gender. Yep, definitely trolling as this is red meat and not actually on the minds of most Americans.

Well, he wanted to troll for engagement and, hoo boy, did he get it.

And we're off ...



Ideological blinders? What ideological blinders?

Your Honor, the prosecution would like to enter Exhibit A into evidence.

And here's Exhibit B.

And Exhibits C, D and .. OK, you get the picture.



Sadly, we do wish NPR would perform compelling non-partisan journalism but it's not likely as long as their journalists refuse to do an honest self-assessment.


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