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Wikipedia Plays the Ministry of Truth in All-Lib Remake of the Classic 1984

Fuzzy Chimp (Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels and public domain flag picture)

In this week's episode of Democrats trying to destroy the Supreme Court because they lost the advantage after decades, they're calling on Justice Samuel Alito to step down for flying a historical flag over his home last year that they now claim is a symbol of Christian nationalism, and the left-wing media is helping them.


Yes, it really is as dumb as it sounds. This is coming from the party that flies the flag of a government largely controlled by Hamas, adorns their offices with Marxist thug Che posters, and uses a donkey symbol that was used by a white supremacist group that terrorized black Americans for 130 years (the Democratic Party).

Now the political activists over at Wikipedia are getting in on the act.

It's no secret to right-leaning people that Wikipedia is regularly used to shape political narratives for Democrats.

They didn't waste any time updating the Wikipedia page for the Pine Tree Flag to include a blurb about Alito in an attempt to tie him to Christian nationalism and the January 6 riot at the Capitol.


You could almost see Winston being called back to Minitrue in real time to implicate Justice Alito as an enemy of Big Brother.


At the time of this writing, the Wikipedia page has been edited over 150 times since May 22, some to expound on the history of the flag, and a large number of edits grinding back and forth over text about the 'modern use' of the flag that refers to Christian nationalism, Stop the Steal, January 6, Speaker Mike Johnson, and the latest hit on Justice Alito.

Some noticed that the article was heavily biased towards painting a picture of the flag as a 'far-right' extremist symbol while ignoring other groups that have used it, such as BLM.

The current version of the article displays a photo of the flag at a BLM rally but does not describe the same in the text.

The page has currently settled on this text, some of which predated the current attempt to smear Alito, and also absent the mention of the Supreme Court justice … for now.


In the 2020s, the flag has also been used by some Christian nationalists and Donald Trump's 'Stop the Steal' campaign by some far-right groups. It has been described as 'a symbol of right-wing extremism' and a 'banner of the far right.'

'It has been described as'. That's some really convenient propaganda there. Should we update Wikipedia with how we describe Democrats?

Wait until they find out who else flew the German flag.

We loved the 'fell into obscurity' part. That was one of the edits currently on the cutting room floor. The hack who wrote that was definitely trying to convey the message that you'd have to be a hard-core right-wing nut to use the flag. This is why we don't trust Wikipedia for politics.

LOL. It does have its uses.


Leftists who think they're the smartest people in the room and never do any wrong editing an encyclopedia whenever a current news story catches their fancy … what could go wrong?

These are the same people who will tell you 'the parties switched' to avoid the Democratic Party owning their racist history, but they think they should be trusted to accurately record the truth.

The stale swipe at Sarah Palin for appearing in front of the flag was removed in an effort to focus on Alito. That's pretty funny.

They redefined 'anti-fascist' so they could continue to behave like fascists.

You can't even get paid for producing state propaganda in the Biden economy.


The AI large language models are being trained using content from sites like Wikipedia if you want to know how this is going to go.

There's a reason Franklin is purported to have said 'A republic, if you can keep it.'

There will always be those who would undo it, so there must also always be those of us who seek to preserve it.

If only we had a flag we could use to represent this neverending struggle …

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