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Somebody broke Bill Kristol: You have to see his crazy Chinese spy balloon tweet

Bill Kristol fired off a banger of tweet that has Twitter questioning if the former conservative is okay.

A Chinese spy balloon is meandering its way over the United States, and Bill Kristol came to the defense of the balloon … or used it as an excuse to attack MAGA … or tried to impress his base of left wing followers.


It’s not exactly clear what Bill Kristol was trying to do in this bizarre word salad wonder.

We’re pretty sure the primary goal was to defend Joe Biden for doing nothing about a Chinese spy balloon floating above sovereign U.S. soil.

Twitter had plenty to say about Kristol’s crazy-eyed crack-up.

We’re reasonably confident Bill Kristol merely identified as a conservative in the past – transconservative, if you will.

He’s always felt this way about the base of the GOP. They were only tolerated to the extent they were useful to elect ineffectual Republicans and maintain his power within the party.

The Trump presidency and Bill’s loss of any real influence gave Kristol the excuse he needed to finally voice his true feelings.


Yes, that is Kristol’s actual concern. He knows this makes Joe Biden look weak (because Joe Biden is weak).

Bill Kristol is in this odd place where his brain is so addled by late-stage TDS, he feels the need to defend a similarly addled Democrat president, and his only real audience is on the Left.

The result is this disjointed gem of Twitter insanity … and we love it!

Okay, we may not love it THAT much, but LOL.

Bill is definitely broken. The old Bill Kristol would be trying to bomb something already.

Hey, Lincoln Project, come get your boy!

Phew! Imagine if it were something more serious, like a teenager wearing a red hat while smiling.


That sort of depends on your perspective, we suppose. He is really bad at this, unless you’re a Twitchy editor.

Bill typed the final sentence: ‘They’d be worshipping the balloon.’

He stepped back with satisfaction, gazing admirably at his creation.

‘That is a fine tweet’, he muttered to himself.

Clicking the ‘Tweet’ button brought the fulfillment he sought, relishing the thought of receiving approving likes and retweets from LockUpOrange_97281 and BlewNoMatterWho72.

Why not all three?

‘DementedGrandad_Defiant’. Not bad, former Twitchy favorite, Damin Toell.

Squad goals, if we’re being honest.


Also, LOL. Bill Kristol is 70.

Read the thread. RB’s correct. This is a national security threat, playing out in front of Americans on their TVs, computer screens, and phones.

They know this is bad for Biden. They’re circling the wagons.

Bill Kristol is the only one out here dropping bombs, bro!

Okay, maybe not.

See, we at Twitchy work to bring you the funniest content we can find on Twitter, but we also care about your health.

Alas, Bill Kristol is completely and utterly gripless at this point.



Bill Kristol’s head might be Trump’s greatest real estate achievement.

Hear this man out! LOL.

You know at the beginning of Red Dawn when the Ruskie paratroopers drop in behind the school and the teacher runs out trying to be friendly?

Yeah, that’s the Left with China.

LOL. Nailed it.

Racist balloons are the worst balloons.

Don’t you hate when you go to Dollar General to pick up some balloons for the kid’s birthday party and they hand you an entire bundle of racist balloons?


Well done, Bill Kristol. Well done.




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