If we don’t stop Republicans, WOMEN WILL DIE.  That’s it, that’s the tweet.

One unconfirmed SCOTUS decision draft leak and suddenly women’s rights are of the utmost freakoutish importance once again. How convenient, but slow your roll, we don’t even know if these persons with uteruses who seek to extinguish life even identify as women! The liberal tears are flowing so hard we may all die in the flood before the Apocalypse really sets in.

The leak is even overshadowing, gasp, the Met Gala. If women can’t hold the right to abort at a federal level, we might as well give up our vaginas! Bring back the p*ssy hats (please, don’t really)!

All is lost, it’s a downward spiral. All of that time and energy spent trying to legislate from the SCOTUS bench, all for nothing. ‘Pack the court!’ they wail.

The Right stands by ready to pounce upon the hypocrisy, when they take a moment to put the popcorn down.

It’s not like we haven’t tried to explain.

Libs are even mad at George Conway, who has at least one valid point.  The drawback of  legislating from the bench is that rulings can be reversed.

Desperate times, and the gloves come all the way off. A little religion bashing, anyone?


Not to detract from the ensuing madness, but a) we are talking about a SCOTUS draft and b) overturning Roe v. Wade would leave the legality of abortion up to the states. The world may not actually end at this point in our polarized existence.