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Here's the Massive Crowd Gathering in AOC's Back Yard for Trump's Bronx Rally

Earlier today New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talked about Donald Trump rally in the Bronx tonight, and she wanted voters to know that if Trump wins gas prices will go up (hey, stop laughing!). AOC has also been saying the quiet parts out loud when it comes to the Left's efforts to interfere in the election by keeping the presumptive GOP nominee off the campaign trail and busy in court. 


Trump's been making the best of it and along the way doing more campaigning in New York, a state Biden won by over 20 points in the last election. Perhaps because of Trump's increased focus on New York as a result of banana republic Democrats forcing him to spend more time in the state, the polling there is tightening:

People are gathering for Trump rally in the Bronx, and hopefully everybody says hi to AOC:


No, you'll never ever see those images amplified by the usual media suspects. 

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