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'Reverse Robin Hood': Here are 'the Biggest Winners' in Biden's Student Loan Vote-Buying Scheme

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

As part of the Biden campaign's desperation to overcome lousy approval numbers on almost every issue, they've settled on a strategy to try and shore up support: Buying votes. 


Biden recently bragged about not letting the Supreme Court stop his latest round of student loan "cancellation" (obviously that word isn't accurate because the debt won't be canceled but merely transferred elsewhere): 

If Trump bragged about ignoring the Supreme Court the lefty media would have spent the following couple of weeks in full "dictator" meltdown mode, but this time it's "D"ifferent.

As for Biden's "debt cancellation" scheme, who would be the biggest winners? Well, not the average U.S. taxpayer, that's for sure. 


Senator Ted Cruz calls it "Reverse Robin Hood":

We can't say we're very surprised.

This is not unlike the Left's climate change shams that only end up making the rich richer.


Biden's made sure that if you no longer had any college debt (or never had any in the first place) that you do now.

All while the media yawns, and everybody knows if Trump were the one defying the Supreme Court the "dictator" freakouts would be plentiful.



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