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Valerie Bertinelli explains the debt ceiling and who's at fault in 'super simplistic terms'

The debt ceiling negotiations are ongoing, and earlier I talked about one demand that the Democrats reportedly will not give up, and that’s a work requirement for able-bodied people to continue to receive government assistance:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy explained why the Republicans oppose the Dems’ demand:

Is anybody confused by the debt ceiling debate and the issue in general? Fortunately, as with any other issue, we have celebrities to help explain things to us.

Here’s Valerie Bertinelli’s debt ceiling explainer:

First of all, if you have $32 trillion in debt, what are the odds the credit card company will raise your borrowing limit?

There are even simpler ways of explaining what’s happening:

It’s really a lot simpler than she’s trying to make it in order to pin the problem all on Republicans.

There’s another helpful thing in Bertinelli’s simple explanation:

Perfect! Glad that’s settled.


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