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NY Times does a journalistic stretch for the ages to help save Dr. Fauci's desired narrative

As you’re well aware, Dr. Anthony Fauci IS “The Science” and is therefore infallible on such matters. However, some recent statements from the government mean it’s increasingly likely that COVID-19 emerged from a Wuhan lab and not a wet market as originally reported (any claims to the contrary were immediately tagged as “misinformation”). Fauci then had to go into spin mode and is now explaining why even a lab leak could be considered a “natural” occurrence.


This is where the media tries to come to Fauci’s rescue. The Atlantic, for example, presented what they say is the strongest evidence yet that COVID-19 came from a wild animal.

The New York Times is now getting in on the act:

Check out this stretch:

This is… something:

The jumbling together of genetic material from the virus and the animal does not prove that a raccoon dog itself was infected. And even if a raccoon dog had been infected, it would not be clear that the animal had spread the virus to people. Another animal could have passed the virus to people, or someone infected with the virus could have spread the virus to a raccoon dog.

Fauci will certainly appreciate this latest attempt to try and save the original narrative.

We’re supposed to believe that a more likely explanation is that COVID-19 came from an animal just down the road from the place where they’re messing around with viruses.


We’ve gone from bats to raccoon dogs. What animal will be the next scapegoat?



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