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Michael Shellenberger digs into the #TwitterFiles to fact-check testimony of ex Twitter officials

Now that the Republicans control the House it’s time to have hearings about how Twitter collaborated with government agencies to censor people and tightly control the narratives about everything from “Russia collusion” to Hunter Biden’s laptop.


Today the House Oversight Committee is focusing on Twitter and how the company under previous ownership took marching orders from the FBI/DOJ to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. We told you earlier that Dem Rep. Jamie Raskin referred to the House probe into the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and revelations in a few rounds of Twitter Files as a “trivial” matter and a waste of time.

Democrats flailing and trying to dismiss the Twitter Files as a trivial bunch of nothing is the best evidence that what’s known is damning and they sure don’t want anybody digging deeper.

Michael Shellenberger has been sharing some Twitter Files to fact-check and highlight testimony and claims being made during the Oversight Committee hearing:

And here we go…


Sometimes what isn’t said is as telling as what is said:

Can’t say we’re surprised.


There’s also been a fair amount of attempts to change the subject (which Dems on the committee certainly support):

The Republicans are, however, remaining focused:

Oh, well that was nice of Roth.



Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still clinging to the original narrative:

What a shocker.


It was also confirmed that while Twitter was running interference on behalf of the Bidens, the Ayatollah’s account remained untouched:


Check Shellenberger’s Twitter feed as the thread continues.



AOC uses House hearing on Hunter Biden story to promote ‘stochastic terrorism’ against @LibsofTikTok


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