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FBI statement dismissing #TwitterFiles revelations is 'the definition of gaslighting'

Earlier this week White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the Twitter Files revelations that showed how the FBI worked with the previous management at Twitter to suppress factual information (and even paid the social media platform to process their requests). KJP advised the media to direct those questions to the FBI:


Apparently the matter was brought to the attention of the FBI, because the bureau has put out a statement that is nothing short of unbelievable:


The FBI calling their own emails that got publicized “conspiracy theories” is some next-level gaslighting. Watch:

“With the sole purpose of discrediting the agency”?


You’ll notice they didn’t deny anything but rather trying to make you think you’re a conspiracy theorist for correctly interpreting what you saw.




There’s gaslighting, and then there’s whatever that insulting FBI statement is.

The FBI appears to hope that what you saw with your own eyes wasn’t really there.


And yet they wonder why their reputation is in tatters.



Just when we think the FBI can’t look ANY worse, Matt Taibbi drops #TwitterFiles Supplemental

Michael Shellenberger’s #TwitterFiles Part 7 on FBI and Twitter are ‘about as smoking as a gun can be’

NBC News ‘justice reporter’ Ryan J. Reilly apparently sees no injustice in FBI-Twitter collusion


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